Doctor’s Orders to Behave

I went in to see my orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up today. I went in a few months ago when my knee had flared up and was causing me debilitating pain. Right before my appointment my knee decided to magically heal itself with slight residual discomfort. He prescribed me a month of physical therapy. The pain came back the day before before my second follow-up. So, he prescribed me another month of physical therapy and just like the first time three days later the pain subsided. So, since then I’ve been tapering off of physical therapy and have run and finished a half-marathon much to the chagrin of my orthopedic surgeon. Though he confided in me that he was recently diagnosed with a auto-immune condition and just had spinal surgery and his goal was to climb Mt. Baldy in a few months. So, he knew what it was like to defy doctor’s orders. He knew the feeling. He knows how it feels to be diagnosed with a rare unknown condition without a cure. It awakens every last ounce of life in you. There’s no better prescription than that to find that inner appreciation of life and feel alive. We shared that bond and it’s like we became the keeper of each other’s secret.

Today’s follow-up consisted of him writing me off as 100% healed and coming to see him as needed. He shook his head when I told him about my half-marathon but deep down secretly I know he was smiling. He knew that I wasn’t going to just take what life was handing to me. Well, at least not without a fight. In a way, I think since I was the veteran, he was looking at me for hope. Before I left we both promised each other that we would go see our respective rheumatologists for a check-up.

As I walked out, he told me to “behave.” Me? MIS-behave? But, that’s my middle name. =)


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