43 Things (or more) I Want in a Guy

I love lists. I compile lists of everything and anything. I make lists on paper napkins in poorly lit diners, on toilet paper when I’m taking a crap (Myth Buster: Girls don’t expel rainbows and roses, we do poop), in my journal, on my blog, smeared ink on my palms, on the back of receipts and all to log my accounts of what I encounter on a day to day basis.

I make lists of things I love, of things I hate, of things I need to buy and things I want to donate. Accomplishments, goals, hopes and dreams to just things I need to do.

So, when I found out that there is a website dedicated solely to lists, I went entirely ballistic.

Check it…www.43things.com.

My list for today is what I am looking for in my soul mate, my other half, my commitment, my confidante, my fulfillment, my lover, my best friend, my significant other. I’m using it as character development for a script that I am working on.

Loves to laugh, can laugh at oneself, laughs at me and isn’t afraid to call me out on my made up facts and major exaggerations. Hearty laugh, throw back laugh, deep from the belly laughter and most importantly makes me laugh.

Silly, goofy and playful and a complete dork when we’re together.

Physical attraction, sexual attraction, chemistry, must be taller than me, stronger than me and be able to carry me to bed when I fall asleep on the couch. Broad shoulders, strong back, hands with a tender, delicate touch and a nice ass that I can smack all in innocent fun. Deep-set eyes that bares the soul yet leaves a sense of mysteriousness, that steals glances and doesn’t look away when challenged.

Doesn’t take me for granted and makes me feel like I am special to him. Calls to say I love you at the most random times, leaves little notes on my pillow and randomly makes me breakfast while I’m still sleeping just because.

Lets me know he’s thinking of me. The written word is a powerful thing. I live for love letters or any form of writing that conveys feelings and emotions. Write me your love, capture my heart and you will have me forever.

Isn’t afraid to love and loves with every ounce of their soul. Wears his heart on his sleeve.

Fights passionately for what he believes is right and for what he wants. When things get tough, you don’t run away.

Keeps my secrets and champions my goals.

Stimulates my mind and soul and makes me think about things constantly, someone who isn’t afraid to fight me and disagree. I need someone who challenges me and is a talker as much as a listener who tells me stories when I’m sick.

Spontaneous, enthusiastic, loves life and will dance with me in the rain. Loves adventures and will hop into a car with me and will just drive without a destination. I need someone who will try everything at least once before they knock it.

Gentlemanly, courteous and respectful. I don’t need my door opened for me all the time but the fact that you thought about it makes me smile. Keeping me warm when I’m cold is a double plus. I get cold really easily. You make sure I have my gloves when it is cold out. You warm my hands when they turn blue. You carry me across the grass when I can’t see if there is poop.

Teaches me things and learns from me. Reciprocation. Gives as much as they take. Balance. You are supportive and encouraging in my life’s goals and decisions and you are a great communicator. You believe in openness and honesty. You do not leave things unsaid or unrequited. We fight, we make up and we learn from our mistakes. But, most importantly we get over it because in the grand scheme of things, it probably wasn’t important anyways.

Family. You love your family and you’ll have to love mine and they’ll have to love you. Family is huge to me. And you wish to have a big one in the future. You love children and get along really well with them because you yourself are a kid at heart.

You don’t smoke, you drink occasionally and socially and not for the sole purpose of total inebriation. I like to have drunken conversations (like about flushing miniature Guatemalan children down the toilet) as the next person but I must say I prefer sober ones that I can actually remember. And I like the fact that you don’t need alcohol to have fun.

I need a deeply spiritual person. Not necessarily of one specific religion. But, more in the sense of personal enlightenment, which includes truth seeking, nature loving and peace balancing within yourself and within your environment.

You are easy-going but have drive. You are charismatic but forthcoming. You tell it like it is but also encourage. You laugh but you can also cry. You like sports but can enjoy the arts.

Considerate, compassionate and devoted and thinks of me as the greatest thing to ever come into their life. Let’s me know this with little gestures.

Surprises and randomness make my life go round. Unexpected gifts, favors, notes just because. I don’t need a dozen roses and I don’t need fancy jewelry. Remembers that I like Ben and Jerry’s Light Phish Food, Swedish Fish and McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. I like reading the Sunday newspaper and NY Times bestseller books. I love Sunday brunch just the two of us. I have an intense fear of stepping in dog poop while walking in grass and Coke keeps me up late at night. I like Icee’s and nachos (don’t forget the jalepenos) at the movies and prefer sour or gummy candy over chocolates. I love my hands and feet massaged while we watch television. I collect mini snow globes of places I’ve been to and travel books of places I’d love to go to. I love to hike to peaks and scream at the top of my lungs that I am “King of the World.” I like adventures and going off the beaten track. The Redwoods are my favorite place on Earth. I drink a lot of water. I love originality. I love to laugh until my cheeks feel like they’re going to fall off. I’ll drive far to get good food. I burp out loud but say excuse me. I ramble on and on and other times I enjoy nothing better than pure silence. I can be crude and I can be ladylike. I can be demure and I can be feisty. I can be clumsy and I can be graceful. I can be childlike and I can be serious. I can be obnoxious and I can be shy. I like fart jokes as well as the ballet. I can be laid-back and I can be gung-ho.

And all I have is nothing but my love to give. At times, I can be intense. I love fully and passionately with all of my heart and I need someone who can handle that.


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