Wanderlust: Lake Tahoe, CA “4th of July in Tahoe”

Emilie’s dad has a cabin in Truckee that we decided to take advantage of for the long weekend. So, we headed up Thursday night and drove straight there.

The skies were so clear that all the constellations were visible. It was surreal to see the night sky the way it should be seen. We meet up Page and his friend Veronica the next day. We spent the morning driving around the lake, stopped at Harrah’s and then drove back to grill on the BBQ.

The next day we decided to go rafting on the Truckee river. We went to CVS to pick up inflatable boats and pumped them with air at the gas station. Then we threw the boats in the water and headed wherever the river was to take us. We ran into some rough waters and rocks and I was slammed into a concrete bridge pillar at one point. I started to hurt so I decided to hop out of the river and walk the rest of the way back to the car. We made dinner again that night and watched some movies.

It was a pleasant nature getaway. I felt completely refreshed going back well minus the bruises from rafting.

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