Pushing the Limits

Last Sunday my knee decided to throw a tantrum on me. It swelled up and was tender to the touch. It felt like I had a water balloon for a knee cap. I went to work and the more I walked on it the more it seemed to swell up. It then began to hurt as if the stuff that cushions the bones and prevents them from grinding each other down was no longer separating my femur from my tibia. By midday I was wincing with each right step.

Flashback to three weeks prior: Walking through the office with coworker’s crutches. Tempting fate.

I freaked out and thought that this could be permanent damage and that the potential to lose full range of my joints made me panic. I decided to do what most people wouldn’t think of doing when experiencing knee pain…I signed up for a half-marathon. It was my now or never mentality taking over and $120 later I was officially signed up to run the Disneyland Half-Marathon. This is coming from the girl who would only run if being chased by a knife-wielding maniac or towards food. I was comfortably a self-proclaimed non-active person. I wasn’t lazy by any means. I just didn’t see the point in running no where, i.e. on treadmills in gyms. I was luckily blessed with a super-fast metabolism and never had the need to exercise. If I ran, there was a good pragmatic reason to.

So, here I was 10 weeks away from running the first half marathon of my life.

Where do I even begin?


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