30 Days of 30 Day 29: Going Out with a Bang

I took the day off from work, well frankly, because my body ordered me to. It said, “That’s it! I’ve had enough of this abuse and I’m forcing you to rest whether you like it or not!” Yes, my body is THAT demanding. Though I demand a lot of it so I suppose it’s only fair that it be as demanding with me.

I had made an appointment, with my favorite doctor, for my annual check-up last week when I was frantically looking for someone to tell me my itchy spots weren’t contagious. Her office had called me back after I had already gone into urgent care but urged for me to come in anyways for my annual check-up. I made an appointment because I genuinely like Dr. Solsky, as a person and a doctor. She really is in the business of caring. It’s not a business transaction for her unlike most doctors I have seen in my lifetime. And I have seen A LOT of doctors.

I almost rescheduled because I was sooo sick and didn’t really want to leave the apartment. I barely had any energy to even just sit up. But, I really wanted to see her even to just catch up and be around her positive spirit. I got to the appointment late because there was more traffic at 11am than at 8am, probably all the recent victims of the economic recession. I was so tired that I had to lie down on the couch when I got to her office. She met with me for over an hour and we caught up and chatted like old friends. She ordered my usual baseline tests, echocardiogram, pulmonary function tests and chest x-ray. Just to make sure everything is operating up to par. So, sometime after I rid my chest cold I will check into Cedars-Sinai as an outpatient and do my barrage of tests. I’m like a regular at Cedars.

After the doctor’s appointment, I came home and passed out cold for several hours. Emily, Brei, Holly and I had dinner reservations at Katsuya at 8:30pm for DineLA week and gosh darn it I was going to make it to dinner, sick and everything. I had been looking forward to this all week. And, of course I went and had the most amazing dinner ever with three awesome single girls and it was our version of Sex and the City. (Though no one ever wants to be Miranda.) Brei even brought V-day gifts of cute hand-painted martini glasses for each of us. So, we’re going to have a sleepover one weekend to prep for our visit to Emily and her President husband at the White House one day. Right Em?!


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