30 Days of 30 Day 24: Tree Hugging Can Cause Itchiness

I’m on Medrol for the allergic hives reaction that happened yesterday. I’m all splotchy red up and down my arms and neck. I look like I was in the Amazon rainforest without any insect repellant holding a sign that said “Eat Here” for the mutant mosquitoes to see. It’s freakish. But, what can I do. The Medrol is corticosteroids and it’s making me not feel like myself. After our fantastic sushi dinner at Ra, where they gave samplings of cocktails and energy drinks on top of my green tea, I am still wide awake at 3am typing away past entries to my 30 Days of 30 blog. The itchy burning sensation has subsided and I have less desire to scratch my skin raw. It’s still there but I’m more aware of it and consciously try not to scratch because it seems like it spreads if I scratch. I’ve put Bio-Oil on it tonight instead of Calamine and it seems to be working. At dinner, Emilie and Holly and I had a conversation about sense of self-being. How we come to realize who we are and what we want in life. It was a good, insightful conversation about myself and who my friends really are deep down inside and who they aspire to become.

Today we went hiking in Red Rock Canyon. By far, one of the coolest things to do in Vegas and I can’t believe I am only now discovering it. We got there late so we didn’t get to spend much time there. But, I am sure that if it was stress from work that was causing my splotchy, itchy hives, I was being cured right there and then in the midst of the healing serenity of the canyons. It was something new I had never experienced and it exhilarated me like no manufactured drug could ever achieve. It’s during moments of new discovery is when I feel piqued and ripe with living. Call me crazy but I live for these moments of newfound awareness. Or maybe it’s this drug that I am on that’s inspiring me to write and write and write. Nah, all I know is that I want to be creative in thought, in writing, in work. If I want to make a living somehow off of writing, I need to well…write. So, thus begins my writing life once again. But, this time I really mean it.


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