30 Days of 30 Day 19: Road Trip up the Coast of California

LEVEL Studios was celebrating our holiday party as the New Year Kickoff Party. It was being hosted in Paso Robles on a Friday and we were given the okay to leave work half-day so we could head up there.

Six hours later, due to a car carrier that caught on fire on the 405, we made it to Paso Robles. We checked in at Paso Robles Inn and changed and headed over to the speakeasy. Free drinks, free food and dancing. LA made quite the impression the SLO folk. But, what’s new.

The plan was to leave early the next morning so we didn’t stay out too late. We headed up the 101 towards Santa Cruz so that we could ride the steam engine train at Roaring Campgrounds through the Redwoods. Why you ask? Just because. And it was awesome. We then headed to the Winchester Mansion in San Jose. A complete tourist trap but you have to do it at least once. After that we drove to SF to our hotel that we thought we were going to die in. Let’s just say that we had a feeling the clientele rented by the hour. We walked out to get sushi and Wasabi and Ginger and that made up for the bad hotel stay.

We walked around Fisherman’s Wharf and got coffee from Ghiradelli’s before heading out to Muir Woods to hike in the petrified forest. It was a pretty picturesque hike. It’s like a little preserved piece of nature hidden away from the rest of the world. A very mystical and magical moment standing small looking up at the giant trees.

We then emerge from Ferngully and head to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield. We got to tour the factory and buy some Belly Flops jellybean. On the way out we stopped at an olive oil store and buy $100 worth of fresh pressed oils. We head to Santa Rosa and have sushi at Kyoto and retire at the Good Nite Inn.

I take my birthday holiday on Monday and we spend it in Sonoma County at the Coppola wineries. We went to Blanco and Rossi and I had just a tad too much so I don’t recall what we did after that. I think we might have gone to another winery and then we headed home after that.

All in all it was a great birthday road trip.


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