30 Days of 30 Day 9: Man’s Best Friend

On the way to work, I witnessed the most sincere thing. There was a wrinkly, gentle-mannered man driving a beat up old pick-up truck in the lane next to me. Right next to him was a dog sitting in the passenger seat. The dog was this big, old spotted grey thing with the most beautiful, bluest, soulful eyes I had ever seen. They pulled up and I saw the dog look at his owner, his best friend, with several blinks of conversation. These two had been through forever and a day together. They could talk without talking. They had the kind of relationship, the kind where you don’t have to say anything just to break the silence that most people hope to achieve with another soul. And here these two would be the most intimate pair I have seen in a long time. And I got to witness this special bond that went unnoticed by most people. It made me want either a dog of my own or someone I could find that comfort zone with. A dog sounds easier to find and maintain. Though it also made me wonder if I would be a good dog owner? I’m not sure that I would be. Not that a dog is a replacement for a human relationship.

I spend the night in because tomorrow is my birthday party!!! And I have a big mess to start cleaning.

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