30 Days of 30 Day 6: Close Enough to See Jack’s Bald Spot

A long three-hour client meeting in Lake Forest later, I confirm with Holly what time we’re meeting and where. I was coming from Manhattan Beach and it might be wiser to meet somewhere closer to the Staples Center instead of having one person drive to get the other person with rush hour traffic and all. So, I drive and get near the Center a little earlier than expected and am hungry. So, I see a McDonald’s, and even though I made resolutions to give up refined sugars and highly processed foods, I don’t know my surroundings and this is the only thing my eyes and stomach trust at the moment. I get only the Fish sandwich minus my usual accompanying sugary HiC or oil-drenched French fries and I feel better about my decision.

I meet up with Holly under the underpass and we took one car to the Staples Center to catch one of the highly anticipated games of the Lakers season. Lakers versus the Hornets. We have Will Smith’s season seats and sit in our usually spot five rows directly behind Jack Nicholson. Also spotted in the stadium: Jack Black, Ellen Pompeo and husband, Kenny G, Hugh Hefner and the Bunnies. I love basketball. Scratch that. I love the Lakers. It’s reminiscent of my childhood during the days of Kareem, Magic and Worthy and watching it with Dad. Father-daughter bonding time captured in purple and gold glorified haze of the Lakers of the 80s. My father didn’t know it at the time but he was raising a bona fide Lakers fan. While watching the game all I could think of was how cool it would have been if my Dad were right here next to me, five rows right behind Jack Nicholson cheering on our Lakers.


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