30 Days of 30 Day 5: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

30 days of 30 is getting off to a good start. I like this idea of celebrating for the sake of celebrating. It’s not narcissistic by any means, as much as forcing people to celebrate MY birthday for 30 days straight might come off (or at least I try to convince myself). It’s not all about me. It’s about capturing the moments that usually accompany special occasions in an every day capacity. I’ve become the type of person that doesn’t save anything for special occasions. Everyday is a special occasion now. Bring out the good plates, wear the fancy dress, sprinkle myself with expensive perfume, travel just because, eat at fancy restaurants, buy whatever my whimsical heart desires (within reasonable means of course). Single-handedly keeping America’s stagnant economy afloat one purchase at a time =-). It’s not about the dollar sign, it’s about the experience the dollar sign affords. Though, tonight I take a night off to stay home with the roomie and keep her company. I remember freshly what it’s like to have a broken heart. Not fun. Being alone is the worse thing to be when going through the mending process. I count this as a day because this is just as important as laughing with my friends. Because it’s being able to cry with them as well that grows our bond of friendship.


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