30 Days of 30 Day 4: Family Dinner at Claim Jumper’s

I spend the night at the ‘rents because I got home late from partying with the Lim sisters. They dropped me off around 3:30am and it was too late to drive home. But, that’s just an excuse. I love going home. I love my quirky family because they are like no other dynamic I currently have going on in my life. As I get older with each year my fondness for my family exponentially grows. My family fucking rocks. They make me laugh and cry like no other. I can’t even begin to describe what it is that makes it so fun and hilarious to be around. We’re just what we are. What you see is what you get. No agenda, no pretentiousness, no insincerity. We are dysfunctional and we know it but we embrace it. And that’s what makes it so gosh darn lovable. But, I guess a lot of people say that about their own family.

We go and celebrate my birthday, Jeff’s birthday and our parent’s anniversary at Claim Jumper’s in Long Beach. I’ve been on this fresh foods diet for the new year. Reading US Weekly I read about a diet that some celebrities were on called the Eat Clean diet. The gist was less processed foods and more fresh and as close to the organic state foods as possible. On the whim, I decided to cut out refined sugar from my diet. I supplemented with more fresh fruits and vegetables and cut back on processed foods. So, I bought the book and cookbook on Amazon and decided to start eating clean. I even bypassed the Jelly Belly jellybeans at work for a few days and when I did break I only had 5 of them. Just enough to sate the palate. I feel lighter and healthier already. I had a really good pear, bleu cheese and candied walnut salad at Claim Jumper’s with the clam chowder. Now, all I crave is fresh fruit and vegetables. My other new year’s resolution was to keep writing daily, whether it be blogging or something else. So far so good.


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