30 Days of 30 Day 3: Birthdays with Drew Barrymore at the Griffin

January 3rd is a popular day for birthday parties. I was invited to three different parties so initially I thought I would put aside this day for other people’s birthday but realized that this thing that I’m doing, isn’t solely about the celebration of me. It’s the celebration of being alive and enjoying life amongst friends and family. And that includes any reason to get together.

I spent the morning at the ‘rents doing some much needed laundry. I get a call from Janice, whom I haven’t heard from in over almost over a year and she invites me to come out and celebrate her birthday. I had already had two parties lined up but decided that since the other two were friend’s of friends that my loyalties lied with Janice.

The Lim sisters plus a husband come pick me up in the same Chevy Blazer that about a year ago Janice and I took to a “forest party”. The dirt was a little soft so we got it stuck like quicksand and it took almost the entire party to get it out. Everybody rallied together and found whatever tool was available. This included chains and wood planks and a lot of volunteer manpower. After a good hour, of blood, sweat and damn red ant bites we were back on the road.

We end up at Bigfoot Lodge to kill some time before we were supposed to meet Ann and Arun at a house party. No Ann in sight, we decide to head to The Griffin. There’s a line outside and I go ask the bouncer how long it’s going to be. I overhear some guy saying that it was Drew Barrymore’s birthday. Ten minutes, we get in and someone comes running over to tell us that Drew is there. I have to see for myself and I run over right next to her and just play it cool. There she was, in the flesh, celebrating her birthday just like I was. Cool.

I was a little pooped from the the previous night at Brass. So, I kept it chilled. No drinking. No wild dancing. No singing the top of my lungs. Just good casual conversation with friends. We finish the night at Thai Patio in Hollywood. It was a perfect ending.

I miss old friends.


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