30 Days of 30 Day: 1 Palm Springs

In an effort to carpe diem my life for the new year, I decided to make a celebration out of my turning 30.

Aptly name 30 Days of 30. So, for 30 days I am going to make a celebration out of my life. About being alive and not taking life for granted. It’s about family, great friends, fantastic food, beautiful places and finding serenity within each of these realms.

It’s about loving life and living each moment as if it were your last. We usually walk through life in a clouded daze dictated by social norms and fears of the unknown and sometimes when we’re lucky we find little bouts of clarity and experience the sheer joy of just being alive. But to gain this transparency to live it everyday? By the time we reach this consciousness, it’s too late. Life has passed us by, people have moved on and places have aged in time.

30 days of 30 isn’t supposed to be self-absorbed. It’s about celebrating life and all that makes it up. It’s a reason to get old friends together to chat about nothing and the opportunity to make some new ones while chatting about nothing.

Day 1
Who: Me, Julie, Fern, Angela and a bunch of geriatrics
What: Spontaneous drive to Palm Springs
Where: Miramonte Resort and Spa
Why: To ring in 2009 with a random and “quiet” bang

Sitting around not doing much, Angela and I decide that it would be fun to go somewhere for NYE. I suggested Yosemite but I was vetoed because we were limited on time. Angela came up with Palm Springs. Perfect! Far enough but close enough. We go online, find some hotels and decide to book one where we could get massages the next day. The room was a two bed queen so I thought, the more the merrier. Texted Julie and Fern and they were spontaneously in. Yippee!!!

We head out around 6pm and get to the hotel and check into the most amazing room ever. The bed was like sleeping on a cloud. We played around the room for awhile, staged a photo-shoot with the Tootsie roll pillows and decided we needed to get somewhere for the countdown and find some dinner because we were ravished.

Not knowing the area we use the iPhone and it says there is an Islands restaurant nearby. We think bar, open late, young people. On the drive there we pass numerous bars that seemed to have festivities going on. Though upon further inspection, we come to realize that all the patrons were AARP card-carrying members. So, we go on a goose-hunt to find Islands to no avail and end up at Elephant Bar only 10 minutes after closing. The bartender suggested the Yardhouse up the street. We go there, have some dinner and countdown with the town’s 50 under 50. Random. And fun.

Next day, we have breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe, visit the Palm Springs dinosaurs on a whim to go inside the belly of a brontosaurus and stop at the Cabazon outlets for some shopping. After dropping Julie and Fern off, Angela and I finish the day with a sushi dinner at Sushi House and it was the perfect start to 2009.

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