Black and White Cookies Are My Thing

I discovered these delectable cookies on a trip to NY about 5 years ago. A black and white cookie is a soft, sponge cake-like shortbread which is iced on one half with vanilla fondant, and on the other half by dark chocolate fondant. They are delicious and hard to find done the right way outside of NY especially here in Los Angeles. The train of thought that led me to B&W cookies was a little illogical. But, let me begin to explain.

On a Monday evening after getting home from The Secret Life of Bees premiere I went to grab the mail before walking up to the apt. I was on the phone with my sister but I did notice the manila envelope that had my name on it. I looked at the return address. Interesting. Someone I definitely did not expect to be getting any mail from. What a surprise. Flown all the way in from good ‘ole Omaha, Nebraska.

Now, I have to go all the way back about 7 months prior to be able to paint the full picture. It was in January on my birthday that I first heard from him. He sent me a birthday message on Facebook and that started our online relationship. That sounds funny as I type it. But, that’s what it was.

After a few months of extremely loooong emails back and forth we graduated to the phone. We chatted for hours at a time. It was like we were old friends and it never once felt like we had never met in person. One Friday night in August we had, and unbeknownst to us at the time, what would be our last phone conversation. During that phone call he divulged that it wasn’t fair that I wasn’t there or that he wasn’t here with me. That we had this loooooong distance in between us. But that’s the way things were. I said I had to go for a run and that I would talk to him later. It was late when I got home so I didn’t call him back. On Sunday he sent a text saying that he thought he would have heard from me by now. I didn’t respond. On Monday morning, I get a Facebook message on my wall that he still hasn’t heard from me and then I also get a notification on my news feed that he was engaged.

WTF? This must be some sort of joke. Now, I know that there was nothing really going on between us besides two people getting to know each other, I mean we hadn’t even ever met for goodness sake. But, there was something very mistrusting and hurtful about the whole thing. Like I was the butt of some cruel joke. I texted him and asked him if he was engaged. He texted back yes but that it was on and off. Good god. I couldn’t believe it. I was fuming. I didn’t know what to do and why I felt like I did. Was I beginning to fall for him? That I could be caught off guard once again. I texted back something along the lines of small minor detail he failed to mention. He texted back are you mad and are you not going to talk to me anymore. I left it at that. And he texted me I’m sorry. That’s the gist of the story. I’ll leave out the rest of the details.

We were able to talk things out and are now friends again. I guess the whole point of this story is that nothing is ever in black and white. Things happen. Life happens. And we cannot control what happens. And sometimes it’s all about timing. And all that matters is what we take from it.

A couple weeks later I was laid off and my friend Kerri sends me a surprise care package. It was a box full of these B&W cookies straight from NY. It’s all about the timing.


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