The Reluctant Bridesmaid

Jeremy graduated from high school last Tuesday, June 18th. He is the last of the K-fam clan to step foot through the halls of Mayfair High School. Ah, the wonderful proof of the passage of time. For the first time in 17 years there will be no Monsoon who can also be called be a K-Fam. There is a certain type of cicada in South America that only comes out to swarm and reproduce by the billions every 17 years. The cicadas are sweeping through and hollowing the halls of MHS.

I left work early so that I could make his 7pm graduation. Only, when I show up to my parent’s house, after sitting in traffic for two hours, I was greeted by an emphatic, “You got fat,” from my Dad. I was thrown. First of all because I knew it was true that I was gaining some weight but was in denial. The skin on my stomach was tender to the touch because it was stretched. Though, for the past two years people have told me that I had gotten too thin. By the way, heartbreak is the best miracle diet of all time. I should bottle it. I’d make a fortune. Secondly, my Dad is never usually that frank. He followed it up with “What? We’re family and we should be able to say stuff like.” No, Dad. You shouldn’t say that to anyone.

That reminded me. I had a wedding in exactly a month. On July 19th, Anna and Milo are getting married, tying the knot, getting hitched, signing nuptials. And I am being put on parade. I am reluctantly one of the bridesmaids. I’m beginning to realize more and more that I am NOT your traditional girly girl who dreams of her wedding since she could walk. In fact, I am shying away from the whole melodrama that people like to deem the most important day of their life. People, please. It’s just a big expensive party for your friends to get sloshed and not remember your so-called BIG day. Am I bitter? I like to think I’m a reformed hopeless romantic idealist with a more of a realistic approach.

So, in preparation for the wedding I decided that I needed to lose the 15 pounds I had gained since I got fitted for the maroon taffeta halter and circle skirt in January. I had exactly one month to lose what I called happy weight. The weight I had gained since I had cut loose all ties to the negative things in my life February 26, 2008. In that time, I have traveled almost every weekend, met new people, and done new things. I am living life to the fullest every single day…literally. Maybe too literally, I am beginning to crave a down day just to sit and sleep.

I decided to get moving. Get on my feet and be active. I am also trying to not snack and eat frivolously. In one week’s time I have shed 7.5 pounds. Weighing in at 132.5 this morning from 140 from last Tuesday. I know that this by no means is a healthy rate to lose weight but I feel healthy and successful too! I am eating normally and not snacking as much but the key is just moving. I’m not even sweating exercising. It made me realize that I could do anything that I put my mind to. So, the goal is to hover around 125, the weight I was when I got fitted just so I won’t be popping out standing at the altar supporting one of my best friends on the biggest day of her life.


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