Coughing Up A Lung

I don’t remember the last time I have been sick like this. Bed-ridden, sent home from work, walking in a daze type sick. The kind of sick where you wake up phlegmy and your voice is unrecognizable to even those you talk to everyday. The kind of sick that makes you feel like you’ve broken your lungs after an insane coughing fit. The kind of sick that makes you feel achey like the first time back to the gym after a long sabbatical. The kind of sick where all you want to do is lie down, curl up in a ball and sleep. I am that kind of sick.

After a week of not much sleep, I head to Park City Utah for Sundance this past weekend. I strained my body to no end. Flying, on the go, not sleeping and exposure to extreme cold finally caught up to me. It was an intense 3-day weekend. It was a ton of fun and something I would definitely do again. When you are there Sundance feels like this exclusive club that everyone wants to be a part of. You think that these people in attendance have never heard of movies before. But, the enthusiasm and celebrity-sightings is so much fun you get caught up in it while you are there. Hence, paying for it now as I lay here in bed coughing up a lung. It was totally worth it.

Being sick like this makes me whiny for someone to take care of me. And I am usually a very independent individual. I argue that this is a completely naturally inclination that most people have when they are truly incapacitated. When you can’t take of yourself, you want someone else to do it for you. And even when you are only slightly incapacitated, you’d like to know that someone would come to your aid when you needed it most. Someone who would care whether or not you could get out of bed to pour yourself a glass of OJ or if you’ve run out of movies to watch to sate your boredom. Someone who would come over and risk catching the germs just to make sure you were doing okay.

I got two offers today. Both guys asked if I needed anything. I told one I needed a helicopter to air lift me out of traffic, cough drops and scrambled eggs. He said he could do scrambled eggs and said maybe he’d come over later tonight to cook me some. The other guy told me to try this special mouthwash that helps sore throats after texting for me to let him know if I needed anything. Sweet thoughts…but follow-through…that’s another story.

There goes my other lung. Ouch.


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