Time for Change

With my favorite season, Autumn, upon us, I decided that this would be a fantastic time to make a new change. I wanted to rid my past, well more so put it away in a box not to forget but to set it aside, so that I can focus my energy on the present. So as a result, I am getting rid of my old Xanga and MySpace blogs. Out with the old and in with the new.

It seems like I tend to change blogs during pivotal points in my life. And, it seems like this moment right now, right here, is no less than perfect time for the change. (Bette Midler song plays in the background.)

I’m not sure what it’s going to be but I guess it’ll figure itself out. Though, I decided to create a new voice. One that is more energetic, sexy and fun because I want the mantra to encapsulate my life. I have changed a lot in the past year. I feel older and wiser. Smarter and sexier. I am extrememly glad 2007 happened but also relieved that it is also coming to an end. If there was a year where I’ve learned the most about myself, others and about life in general… It is definitely 2007.

I’ve experienced many firsts this year some good and some bad. And I have grown as a person because of it. I am also a stronger person because of it. Sometimes I feel like I’m made of steel and am a superhero. Sometimes, too much. I feel like I should be invincible. Like nothing can hurt me and I can’t feel any pain. But, I do. I hurt. But, I usually don’t let anyone know it. Especially the people closest to me. Because I have to be strong. And sometimes that is too much to bear alone. So, I write. I write to the abyss of the Internet because then maybe someone will have heard my pain. And that’s all I need to know. Is that someone has heard it and knows that I feel pain too.

But, this isn’t the tone of the blog I want to set. I want to celebrate life. Every aspect of it. I want to illustrate that we all go through things that challenge us, that make us fight or give up. Sink or swim. That we are all emotional human beings who are experiencing the exact same things. That we are not alone. That we are the same. And that life is not not fair. We’re all riding the ocean waves up and down and we don’t know where we’ll land next. And that it’s okay because the next wave will only pick us up and take us somewhere else that could be amazing.

Life should be lived as if there were 31 flavors of ice-cream for you to choose from and only one waffle cone to put it in. You take a little scoop of every single flavor and squish it all into the cone and just hope that whatever is next to each other will taste good together. If one is bad, know that the next will will taste even better because it can’t be worse than the last one. And ultimately, you get a good mix of the good with the not so good and even some of the bad. But all in all you still ate an entire waffle cone that still tastes good because well, it’s ice-cream. And that’s my metaphor for life and I’m sticking to it.

Hmmm, now I want ice-cream.


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