Dutch Pancakes

Driving to work this morning, I noticed that there were a lot of motorcycled po-po’s hiding out on the side streets. Some had already pulled people over bright and early on a Wednesday morning. I made note of the construction zone that I was in and looked down at my odometer to see if I was speeding because I tend to have a lead foot. I was also rummaging through my bag looking for shea butter when I looked up and to my right was a cop standing firmly feet planted on the ground aiming his radar gun right at me as if he were about to shoot me right dead in between the eyes. We made eye contact. I gingerly engaged the brakes and rolled to a turtle’s pace. There was red light ahead that I was already preparing to stop for. I broke the gaze and pretended vehemently that I was the world’s best driver.

I tend to multi-task when I drive. As luck would have it, I didn’t have my ATM card this morning or else I’d have an Egg McMuffin in one hand, an orange juice in my lap and a hashbrown in the other hand as I tried to squeeze ketchup on to both while driving with my knee. But, not today. Cuz that would been enough of a hazard to pull me over. Oh, did I forget to mention that I was on the phone. Yeah, I’m one of those people you tell to get off the phone and drive. Though I tend to think that I’m really good at it. But, I guess so do a lot of other people.

So, as I inconspicuously tried to conceal my phone in my hair and under my hand. And I thought to myself…is it illegal yet to be driving without a hands-free headset? I know right before I had left for Europe they said that the new law would go in effect in July 2007. It’s August and yet I still see a lot of people everyday with their cellphone attached to their face making me think that it’s not being enforced or hasn’t gone into effect. I do own a headset. Although, I do believe the stupid thing has already broken after just several uses. So, I blame the manufacturer.

So, I am in desperate search of a Dutch pancake in the LA area. What is a Dutch pancake you ask? Wikipedia describes them as, “Dutch pancakes are also known as pannenkoeken, yet unlike the usual American pancake, pannenkoeken are usually larger and thinner and sometimes incorporate slices of smoked bacon , apple and raisins, or banana for example. Plain pannekoeken are often eaten with white or brown sugar.”

Dutch Banana Pancakes

I had them in Amsterdam. And I’ve never had anything like them. They are large, thin and crisp on the edges. I had mine with bananas mixed into the batter, fried and lightly sprinkled with sugar. No need for heavy syrup. It was so good.

I am on a quest to find Dutch pancakes. So far this quest will take me to Paula’s Pancake House in Solvang. I will get these pancakes if it’s the last thing I do. Muahahahaha.


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