Adjusting back to normal life after a month-long vacation is quite difficult

I’m still trying to adjust back to normal everyday life and it’s so hard. I finally balanced my checkbook today. I paid some overdue bills, organized some stuff and calculated up how much I spent on my trip to Europe. Guess how much? Try almost $5,000. Ouch. Definitely a pinch in the pocket. But, it was, of course, worth every single last dollar, pound and euro. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. Okay, maybe the world. Then at least I could travel it whenever I wanted to and I guess things would be free if I owned it, right?

I feel like I haven’t had much time to breathe since getting back. My room is in disarray, being a reflection of the current state of my life. I have yet to organize my photos into an online album for you all to see. And most importantly I am feverishly working on the travel memoir I set out to write before I left on this trip. Okay, I lied. I haven’t even broken a sweat. But, I have started and I will be posting it soon enough. But, I was refraining from updating the blog for the soul purpose of focusing on the travel piece. I figure since it wasn’t coming as fast as I wanted it to. I’d fill in the gaps while I churned the sucker out.

So, I’m officially back. Daily ramblings of incoherent thoughts by Isabella. I’ve missed you.

I HEART Rilo Kiley’s new album “Under the Blacklight.”

Dungeness crabs are almost in season. Organic strawberries taste so much better than yucky Ralph’s ones. Raw, unrefined shea butter is good for dry skin and Sabrina who sells it at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market is hilarious. The movie “Stardust” exceeded my expectations. It was original, adventurous and thoroughly entertaining. I believe in stars and the ethereal magic that surrounds them. It’s been so hot I’ve been showering twice a day. A man died on the 101 freeway this morning in a car accident. There is a explosion of jellyfish in the Gulf of Mexico that could threaten sea life. Jellyfish look like aliens to me. I like to prod them with sticks when I find them washed up on the beach, hoping that it doesn’t wake up and sting me in the face. I just bought $500 dollars worth of Wicked tickets and hate Ticketmaster for all the fees that they hike on. Argh.

Question of the Day: Is there really only ONE person for every person out there? Just one? Or do you choose just that one out of maybe 10 or 100? And how do you choose? And what if you choose wrong?


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