Amsterdam: In regards to the last post…it’s Coffeeshop not Internet Cafe

I’m back at the same “coffeeshop” to check my email of course. Just to tantalize your tastebuds without giving away too much I saw the Van Gogh museum today. Amazing.

We had the most yummy falafel pita from Maoz. It’s a chain here ín Amsterdam and also in Paris but it’s so good. Then I went and did some more shopping. Damn, I think I bought an entire new wardrobe while on my trip.

We rounded out the day with a cruise through the canals and dinner at this really good Indonesian restaurant. Now, we’re just chilling at this coffeeshop taking in good music and feeling the good vibe. Uh huh. Just feeling the good vibe. Tomorrow is my last day here. We’re taking a walking tour of Amsterdam with some good folks, visiting Anne Frank’s house, seeing some windmills and living up our last night in Europe before flying to London Thursday morning.

Friday I have a hair appointment at Aveda, a pedicure for my tired, walked-all-over-Europe feet and reservations at the best Greek seafood restaurant in Astoria. Then I see Anna off to D.C. and I head on home to good ole sunny LA. Rain and coldness in Amsterdam does not suit me well. I’m sad. Sad that I’m leaving such an amazing adventure. It’s been life-changing in so many ways. But, in order to appreciate it. I need to take a break from it just so I can get myself ready for my next adventure. I think I’m going to go jump into the canals now. They don’t really do that here. But, what the heck I’m feeling a little crazy. Uh oh. I think I’ve been sitting here ïnhaling a little too long. Mmmmmm. It feels good.


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