Paris: City of Love

We got into Orly airport and was stopped by armed security guards from collecting our backpacks. Baggage claim was closed and taped off with red and white striped tape. A few minutes pass and then a whistle blew and a command in French was yelled. Then all of a sudden a muffled, contained explosion reverberated against the airport walls. Then mass pandemonium ensues as the tape was removed and people pushed and shoved to retrieve their belongings.

Welcome to Paree!

We took a sky-train from Orly to Antony to try to get to Gare du Nord. The Gare du Nord station was pretty sketchy with police officers harassing the youth in the station. We bought phone cards and made some phone calls. I called home and talked to Dad and then I called Rick right before he went into surgery. He was all by himself. Though he said someone was going to come pick him up. Who? I actually didn’t care to know. For some reason, when he asked how things were going I broke down and choked up and almost started to cry. I had to pause and regain my composure. The nurse was calling him in so he said he had to go and thanked me for calling and apologizing for everything that has happened. I told him that it was just minor surgery and that he’ll be okay and that he doesn’t have to say his good-byes. But then he really had to go. I don’t know what he meant. Well, besides I’m sorry. But what else? A farewell, a reconciliation. I really don’t know and I’m trying  to just finally let it all go for good. Being away for a month helped me do that. I can’t have something that just isn’t supposed to be. Walking around Europe with couples in love I long to find love like that. I wish I had someone to share all this with. But, for now I am content most of the time experiencing this on my own. It’s only a few times do I get that aching feeling boring a hole in my sad heart.

Shakespeare and Company had a Harry Potter release party. I don’t quite understand the whole phenomenon. We took an open bus tour to see the sights. We witnessed a pedestrian start beating a man in a van. The man tried to drive-off  but he wouldn’t stop hitting him. It happened in the middle of the road. Then a woman on a bicycle riding with a package dropped it in the path of the bus and then the bus had to swerve to miss it.

We had dinner at Indiana Cafe around 11pm. I had a veggie burger, french fries and coleslaw. Very American.

We pay a visit to the Louvre and the Notre Dame Cathedral. I had a banana, butter and sugar crepe. Very French.

We saw the Louvre. Fridays after 6pm it’s only 6 euros from 9 euros. I saw the Mona Lisa and it was a lot smaller than I had expected. We got to take pictures.

The city has been interesting. A little like London except sunnier. There are a lot of English speaking tourists so it feels like home. I am looking forward to home, so I can decide what I want to do next in life. New York. New job. New apt. New friends. Hopefully new love.

Our stint in Paris included a trip to the Eiffel Tower at night and watched it sparkle, walked under the Arc de Triomphe, went underground with thousands of corpses in the Catacombs and shopped on the Champs de Elysee. Catacombs were dark and scary yet intriguing. Gerald took some photos where there were some weird “ghostly” apparitions standing in front of him. I hyperventilated on my up up the staircase panicking because of being underground. We saw the Pantheon where the crypts of Voltaire, Madame Curie, Victor Hugo and Alexander Dumas are buried.

Stopped by Moulin Rouge on our way to Sacre Coeur, which has an amazing view of the city. On the way back to the hotel we witnessed an attempted theft. The thief ran by and snatched a girl’s clutch but her boyfriend ran right after him so the thief dropped it.


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