Nice to Monaco: The French Riviera

On a train from Nice to Monaco. It is our third day on the French Riviera. The city is breathtaking. Though I’ve been bitten by mosquitoes. Lots of them. I’ve also been proposed by a French man to come live with him here in Nice. I’ve thought about it a lot. Not living with him per se but moving abroad, starting a new life, meeting the man of my dreams somewhere else because sadly I don’t think I’m going to find him at home. I really don’t have much to go home to so I mine as well find somewhere else to land.

Yesterday we took a bus tour of the city, went to the Matisse museum and ate crepes for dinner. We checked out a casino where I was hit on by teenage boys. It’s either really young boys or really old men. Somewhere in the middle would be nice.

Being a single girl I could have been on the prowl but I was distracted to say the least by all of my new experiences and surroundings. I traveled thousands miles away from home to find something and I ended up finding myself.

We saw almost all of Monaco in one day. We saw the palace, took a tour inside, saw the cathedral, walked around, found a snow-globe, mailed some postcards and went to the beach. Now we’re waiting for the train to go back to Nice for our last there before we fly to Paris. The city of love. Let’s hope that works for me.

Yesterday in the supermarket we witnessed some dude shoplifting and being caught. I even exchanged excuse me’s with the dude. He browsed the shampoos right next to me when I move aisles to the candy he followed and stuffed things down his pants. But, there must have been cameras because shortly there were security guards all up on him within seconds.

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