Rome: Ciao from Rome!!!

Ciao bella!!! Hello my beautiful friends. I am writing from Rome in a little internet cafe. It is our third day in Rome and we take a train out to Nice on the French Riviera late tomorrow night. Rome has been interesting. It is a overpopulated city and as a consequence a lot of crime. It is a little dirtier than Barcelona and London and there is graffiti on everything. The gelato and pizza and the historical sights have been grand. We are staying at Village Roma which is like a little resort. We have our own bungalow with air conditioning and own bathroom. It is the cutest thing. There is an on-site bar and restaurant and two pools. There is even a dude with a guitar at night singing near the pool’s bar. So, our first night we hung out by the pool listening to this guy do covers of Jack Johnson, Oasis and Damien Rice. It was the most perfect moment of relaxation. This is when I actually felt like I was on vacation. I met some guys in the Village from Minnesota when I asked for directions. I overheard them speaking English and asked them to point me in the direction of the pool. They were getting their drink on. We chatted with them for awhile and walked on to explore.

Day two we did the whole religious thing because there’s a dress code. Can’t wear shorts, sleeveless tops and what not. So, we planned to hit the Vatican to see the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. To get to the Sistine Chapel you have to walk through this maze of the Vatican. Finally when you get there they cram so many people inside that the experience gets taken away. I moved like cattle without a will of my own towards the exit and only really got to glimpse the Last Supper. I was tired of people and had to sate my desire to knock out anyone who invaded my personal space including old grandma’s and little children.

St. Peter’s Basilica on the other hand was breathtaking. I was floored. It is the most amazing man-made sight I have ever seen. It is beautiful. I was moved to tears. I got choked up in the grandeur of it that I almost cried. I almost felt like I had a direct line to God standing in that grand palace of a church. And I’m not even religious. Although I almost felt like I should be standing there. Anyone ever in Rome, you cannot miss St. Peter’s Basilica. After there we walked around a non-touristy area, one of my favorite things to do while traveling, and shopped for a little bit. Then we found Trevi Fountain, again way over-crowded and threw two coins over my shoulder. One to for a safe return to Rome and two for my many wishes.

It was getting dark now and we headed home. I was standing on a corner looking at my map when a older Italian man approached me. He asked where I was going. He said too bad his car wasn’t near or else he’d drive me around. He kept asking where we were staying. He said he was born in New York when we said Anna was from there. Anyways, this really long persistent ordeal ended up with us taking a really expensive taxi to just get away from him. He offered to drive us around today. But we ran into the taxi. He told the taxi driver something in fast Italian. The taxi driver took off and drove past our stop to catch the bus home. We told him to stop but he ignored us. Or didn’t understand. We couldn’t tell. Anyways, we thought we were doomed. That he was taking us to some weird prostitution place to sell us into slavery. Turns out he was told wrong directions by the man. So, we spend way too much for this taxi to take us back to our stop. First expensive lesson of our trip. Hopefully the last.

Well, my minutes are up. I’m going for a swim. Ciao!!!


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