Hola. Estoy aqui en Barcelona

We made it to Barcelona. We left cold, dreary London this morning to arrive in warm Espana. It already feels like London was years ago. A different city, country equals a different an entirely different culture and lifestyle. I love traveling.

Yesterday we decided to do a whirlwind one day tour of all of London because we were so pressed for time. We bought one of those hop-on hop-off passes on the red double-decker buses that are supposedly going extinct. I personally think they tell people that to get them to take the darn things for novelty sake. It was fun though. We rode on the top in the cold. One bad thing though, someone had vomited on one of the seats and it smelled up the entire top half of the bus. And we played this game every time someone new came on the bus to see whether or not they’d plop down in the puke before we had a chance to warn the unsuspecting victim. Most people smelled it first and looked for it. This one oblivious woman came on with her family, looked at the seat, listened to our groans and plopped down regardless. She had puke all over her butt and remained seated for the rest of the tour. Gross!!!

But, that tour allowed us to see all of London. Every little last nook and cranny. We took a break to see Notting Hill by ourselves and found a place, after searching all over, that had fish and chips. We ate our fish and chips in a paper cone served with malt vinegar on the steps of the theatre where Harry Potter gets naked in a play. While we were sitting there, Anna notices Thandie Newton walking by and I follow her because I don’t believe it’s her. I follow her into a cafe and browse the goods while trying to stealthily spy on her. Meanwhile I find a huge meringue cookie the size of my face and had to buy it. It was divine. I stood behind Thandie Newton in line and tried to see her credit card when the guy behind me says to his friend, “Oh, Thandie Newton used to come in all the time at my shop.” Confirmation. I think everyone knew it was her but they don’t really care. It’s nice. They’re not celebrity-obsessed like America is or at least not as much. We then take the Tube back to the center and hit up the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. I yelled out for Prince William to come out and play but he wasn’t home.

A train was derailed yesterday morning and a section of the Tube was shut down. It was a huge scare because London’s 9/11 is actually 7/7 and it was only two years ago when the terrorist attack happened.

Gerald took 700 photos over our 2 days in London.

Today we flew from London to Reus and took a 1 and 1/2 bus trip to the Barcelona where we are staying. Reus airport is so small there wasn’t an ATM where we could get Euros. I only had dollars on me because I spent all my pounds in London. So, we had to change Anna’s pounds into Euros so we could take the bus to Barcelona. We got the last three seats. Well, Anna got a seat, Gerald got the floor and I got the front seat next to the bus driver. Gerald struck up conversation with the bus driver and it turns out he is actually Italian living in Spain because his entire family died in a car accident and he didn’t want to be reminded of it anymore so he left Italy. So, I practiced the few words I knew in Italian and tried to keep up as Gerald conversed with Antonio in Spanish.

We finally made it to our hostel and checked in after being lost in the train station for awhile. This happened in London too. We met another backpacker there and she was just as lost waiting for the wrong train when we needed to be taking the subway. This hostel is definitely party central. I don’t even think people leave it to see the sights. There’s a party going on right now as I sip my sangria at 2 o’clock in the morning. The party doesn’t start before midnight. So, we’re venturing out tomorrow. We ate dinner outside near Las Ramblas and had a very stimulating, intellectual political debate over dinner. We talked legalization of prostitution, slavery reparations, banning racial slurs that the owning culture has absorbed into its own, socializing healthcare. We sat for a long time and just lived life as it should be.

I love Barcelona. I’m going to go practice some more of my Spanish.



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