I Heart NYC!!!

More contemplation on the move to the Big Apple. I’ve talked to several New Yorkers about this already and of course they undoubtedly recommend it, saying that NYC is way better than LA. I wouldn’t say better but definitely different vibes. And, I guess that is what I’m looking for. Anna even said that I can be Sarah Jessica Parker looking outside my 4th story walk-up above a crowded street and typing away on my sex/relationship column. How romanticized is that? The more time I spend here the more I fall in love with the city.

Yesterday we, Anna Milo, Ann, Arun and I, went to Chelsea Market as seen on the Food Network. It’s on the ground floor of the building where the Food Network is headquartered. I was so excited!!! First Seamse Street and now The Food Network. My life is now complete. Well Chelsea Market is kind of like The Farmer’s Market at The Grove in LA, except it’s more posh and indoors. We walked around a street fair, grabbed some lunch and went to Chelsea Piers to eat it on the Hudson river. It was a beautiful day. For some reason the skies are a brillliant blue here and the weather has been cooperative since I’d arrived.

Afterwards, we found another street fair and walked around some more and then headed back home for a nap before a night out on the town. We started the night at Nublue, an eclectic nightclub that had an interesting experimental, synthesized band playing. We met up with Anna’s friends Catherine, Andre and Evelyn and chatted for a bit waiting for good dance music to come on. It sort of did for two songs when the DJ probably accidentally played Prince and a remix of Stevie Nicks. Then it went back to the experimental head-bopping stuff. So Anna made some calls and then we walked 10 blocks to a new club to meet her friends Justin and Mike. The place was called Fat Baby and when we walked it they were playing a remix of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Awesome. Total frat house. We went upstairs to the private Georgetown reunion party where Anna’s lawyer friends were. They all were either already lawyers, taking the BAR or about to go to law school. It’s true about lawyers, they work hard but they sure do play harder. We didn’t stay there long. Oh, BTW last call is at 4am here. There is something to do here every second of the day.

Best Greek seafood in Astoria at Taverna Kyclades.

Amazing Greek seafood at this little mom and pop restaurant Taverna Kyclades. Peasant salad, grilled squid and baked clams. Delish!

So, we met more of Anna’s friends Ratna and Zach for brunch. Did I mention that everyone I’ve met here is fantastic. Interesting, sincere, great, funny people. Downside though is that they are all engaged or married so unlike at home where all my friends are single, I feel like the oddball out here. I also found out that there’s a 2:1 ratio of females to males. So, the dudes have it easy here and girls have to work twice as hard to find a guy to date. I don’t know about this. Being surrounded by all this coupledom made me miss being in a relationship…a lot. But, if I do move here I’m looking for some good single girlfriends just like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

I’m off to Central Park for a picnic and to meet Kerri B. Talk to you soon!!!


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