I think I’ve gain(ed) 5 pounds in one day. Yay!!!

I take the N train to the 1 to the Upper West Side to meet Ann and Anna for lunch at the Lincoln Center. When I exited the subway I noticed that there were all these prima ballerinas everywhere. Then I realized that I was standing in front of Julliard. Now, I never took the necessary steps to become a dancer but I’ve always dreamt of being one. I guess something every little girl always aspired to be. I was 3-years-old when my mom enrolled me in a ballet class. I performed my last pirouette in the recital and was never to do ballet again until college where my dance teacher told me I had amazing feet for ballet and what a shame it was that I hadn’t pursued it. Bummer.

I love New York City. I am giving moving here serious thought after I get back from Europe. The culture is just so different. The people so much more interesting. The city so alive. I’ve always been drawn to here. And I don’t know why.

Food for thought. I decided that the theme for my travels will be food-oriented. Well because I LOVE food.

So I skipped breakfast because I slept in and ended up famished when I met Ann and Anna for lunch. We decided on Sushi-A-Go-Go across the street from Ann’s work. Decent lunch sushi. Nothing amazing but it was economically-priced. Especially since I had just had my favorite sushi at Sushi Studio in Long Beach the night before followed by Pinkberry made the most amazing last meal in California ever.

Sesame Street Workshop

We then went upstairs and took a tour of The Sesame Street Workshop. I love it. There were toys everywhere!!! I took tons of photos with Oscar and Big Bird and Telly. Man, that would be so much fun to go to work and see the Sesame Street gang. Afterwards, Anna and I continued on to Union Square for some shopping. I got some Kenneth Cole flirty sandals for $15.00 because I think the guy behind the counter gave me an additional discount. Woohoo. So excited about that purchase. Also got a new Kenneth Cole wallet for $16.00 and a Triple Five Soul backpack for $20 markdown from $70.00. I haven’t even made it to Europe and I’m spending money. But, these were all essentials I needed for the trip.

Shopping depleted all of our energy so Anna decided to take me for some Chocolate by the Bald Man: Max Brenner. Now, I’ve seen clips of his stuff on the Food Network. His chocolates are to die for. I had the Banana Split Waffles. Omigod. The chocolate came in this little beaker that you pour all over the waffles topped with toffee-glazed bananas, fresh berries and vanilla ice-cream. Sooooo good.

Banana Split Waffles at Max Brenner's.

We met some of Anna’s friends in SoHo for a movie, “Paris, J’atmie” the series of vignettes by a bunch of cool directors with the common theme of the city of love. It was interesting. Well from what I saw. I feel asleep for maybe half of it. Was sooo tired. I need to stop passing out in public places.

We were pooped so we decided to call it a night and had to decline 3 different invitations to continue on the night. Instead we made the trek home and stopped by the John’s Pizzeria next door and I had this huge fat slice of New York style pizza before going to bed. There was so much topping that it was the thickness of an In and Out hamburger. It was sooo good. I’m going to get soooo fat. I love it.


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