Travel Bug

Update time. Can someone please push the pause button on this crazy thing called my life? The past month my life has been a whirlwind. I’ve had barely any time to sleep. Sleep is overrated anyways as I type this hyped up on green tea and Coke. I’ve been so busy living life that I haven’t been able to write about it. Plus, I have been writing a lot more for work. I really do need about 28 hours in my day and that’s with 4-6 hours of sleep. Can you hear the caffeine in my diction!!!

So, it’s been a month since my last blog post. I could diligently recap everything in detail since then but decided it would take too much time that I could be spending from the now. So, I will be brief to say that I am at a very nice place in my life. I’m loving it. I’m happy and excited about just about everything.

I decided that instead of uprooting my life just yet, I’d travel for a bit to see if I could get the restlessness out of my system without having to permanently change zip codes. I am taking a month-long backpacking trip through Western Europe. I am landing in London and then flying to Barcelona, Rome, French Riviera, Paris and Amsterdam, spending about 4 days in each place. I am beyond excited about this. I am writing a travel story and submitting articles to different travel mags when I get back.

These past few weekends I have been lucky to witness amazing sights and sounds beyond average everyday goodness. First off, Friday night started with unsuspecting hilariously funny conversations at dinner followed by an equally hilarious movie. “Knocked Up” is da bomb ass comedy of the year. Stewart, Jess and Michelle…thanks for the laughs at Du-pars. Laughing with you guys made my tummy hurt. Bear? Eating things that eat us. Talking too loudly in front of our waitress about her. Delightful fluffy. Is the French dip French? (BTW, it’s not. It was actually invented in Los Angeles. And I’m not the first to ask this seemingly transparent question. Thank you very much.)

“It was 1918 in Los Angeles and a French immigrant named Philippe Mathieu was preparing a sandwich for a policeman who came into his delicatessen and sandwich shop. When the French roll for the sandwich was accidentally dropped into the pan juices, the policeman said he’d eat it anyway. The policeman liked it so much that he returned the next day with some friends who wanted to try the sandwich that was “dipped” into the meat juices.”

Saturday I spent the day with my lovely parents who were celebrating their birthdays together. It’s been awhile since I last saw them. I love witnessing how they keep growing closer and closer as they get older. It makes me so happy to see them happy. Then I made my way to a birthday/welcome back to LA party in Burbank to welcome back an old friend and the celebration of two birthdays.

Late into the night I get a call beckoning me to the spontaneity of a 24-hour camping rave. I think it about some and with the persistence of my friend I said what the hell and joined her on a journey into the wilderness of synthesized music in the middle of nowhere. I got sick on the way up there. And felt the need to drive the entire 2 hours with my head out the window. I passed out when we got to the campground. Much to Janice’s insistence that it wasn’t a rave…I was surrounded by glow sticks. The people were nature lovers and music lovers and life lovers. It was nice to be around such positive people even if they were intoxicated. So, I get up several times during the night in the back of the Chevy Tahoe to people sitting on my feet. I don’t know who they are but they sure know me. The sun comes up and it’s magnificently beautiful. So peaceful, so serene. We dance some and then realize if I was going to make it back into town for a birthday BBQ, graduation ceremony and engagement party we needed to get moving. It was 9:00am. I volunteered to drive the Monster Truck back since Janice didn’t get any sleep. Big mistake. I back out of the spot and the rear wheels are spinning. The guys next to us told me to drive forward and turn around. A lot easier said then done. I end up out too far and too close to the ravine and every time I try to back up the wheels spin and dig themselves into the ground. One of the guys from the next car came out and decided to give it a try only he made it farther out and this time there’s no way to go but backwards but the wheels were spinning. So the jerk face said “Looks like you’re stuck” left the car running and left. I sat on the middle console not knowing what to do next. There was no cell phone reception and even if there was AAA wasn’t going to come out there. So, Janice went around gathering the troops and out they came…with chains, rope, a shovel, a wooden board and two 4-wheel drive vehicles. Granted everyone was high out of their minds but as a collective these 10 very generous men told us not to worry and that they were going to do whatever it took to get our vehicle out and moving. And they did. Albeit it took 3 hours.

I missed the birthday BBQ, missed my sister’s name being called at the ceremony but did get to witness her boyfriend propose to her at the graduation party. I’m so glad I didn’t miss that. One of the most beautiful exchanges between a man and a woman. It was inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes.

Fast forward…saw LCD Soundsystem at the El Rey and Hot Chip at Henry Fonda which I unexpectedly passed out at. I hadn’t been getting much sleep lately and I actually passed out a sold-out, filled to capacity, loud as hell show. The following weekend I found my way to Vegas Friday, Saturday and Sunday where again I almost passed out driving on the way there. Again more sleepless nights and my body is hating me for not letting it sleep. Vegas this time around was actually fun and memorable. The next week was spent at a Joost launch event, Neil LaBute’s new play “Fat Pig” where I literally sat a foot away from Scott Wolf as he stripped down to his underwear. It was kind of strange to be that close. We got Neil LaBute’s seats, which were fantastic. Late night at Lacma rounded up the week and it was amazing how many people turned up at this event. There’s something enthralling about getting together massive amounts of single, attractive, hip people and letting them just hang out and lounge to good music and art. Fun times.

Weekend rolls around again and our San Diego plans fall through due to an unfortunate circumstance. Let this be a reminder that you shouldn’t take life for granted because it can be taken away from you in an instant. Cherish every moment. My apartment was empty and didn’t want to be alone so I was welcomed with open arms to become the 4th roommate of the Burbank apartment for the entire weekend. Thanks guys for your gracious hospitality.

So, now I pack and I get ready to fly to places I’ve never traversed. I am beyond excited. I am going to pee my pants, I’m so excited. Tonight I see Ethan Hawke talk about his new movie before I fly out tomorrow.

Bon voyage.


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