Isabella Rule: Because I Said So and It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Just got out of a screening of Georgia Rule and I must say it wasn’t half bad. Okay, so Lindsay Lohan played herself terribly and the attempt to play the movie as painfully “real” as possible didn’t quite survive the predictable cliches. But, it was still enjoyable. Kudos to Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman for playing crazy mamas.

Gary Marshall you keep making movies. I love all of your stuff. I met him once on the set of Princess Diaries 2 and he was the most laidback director I’ve ever seen work. Well, him and Frank Oz who did the voice of Yoda for me when I asked him to on Bowfinger’s and well David Schwimmer when he directed a pilot called Nevermind Nirvana and took the time to explain to me what my motivation for the scene was when all I had to do was browse the law library. Yes, I am name-dropping here. But, only because these people are the coolest non-Hollywood Hollywood people I’ve come across. They deserved to be named-dropped. Other than these few individuals, I despise what Hollywood does to people when they come out from these small towns and let it all go to their heads. Unfortunately, if you’re not a strong enough person to hack it your values will be compromised.

I drove the freeways home tonight with the sunroof open and windows rolled down at 80 mph to feel something. It felt good. Whatever it was. I’ve come to realize after doing massive amounts of research for this copywriting gig on technology and its effect on culture, i.e. online dating, social networking, alternate reality gaming,
consumer journalism, that a) I’m a closet narcissist and my blogs about my life aren’t meaningful in any sense but just whimsical ramblings of pure egocentricity, b) I’m subconsciously using a social networking site in place of an online dating site to expose the inner-workings of my mind so that maybe someone will fall in love with it and c) I really like to do research and omigod I’m a narcissist.

I had this intense desire to paint my nails a bright springy color like orange creme or something. So, I pulled off to the first Rite-Aid I saw and went in search for orange creme. Nothing. So, I had to settle for Urban Decay’s Toxin, a shiny purple-red with lots of glitter when I got home.

I burned sage and some other “herbs” this past weekend to cleanse my surroundings and revitalize my aura. I’ve been told several times by strangers in grocery stores and random places that I have an amazing aura. Not really sure what that means.

I ate popsicles for dinner tonight and it was scrumptious. I swear I’m not drunk nor high or ADD. Okay, maybe ADD. Slightly.

I want to wear lots of bangles. I want to swim. I want to dance. I should dance in water. I need a forum for creative expression. I want my Italian phrasebook back, Wojo. I want to watch Robin Hood. I buy my plane ticket to Europe this weekend. I want to find a hot Italian man in Italy so that he will be my excuse to not come back to the States…at least for awhile. I want to reenact the DaVinci Code in the Louvre. I want to eat a baguette and cheese in Paris and kiss someone on top of the Eiffel Tower. I want to eat paella and participate in a siesta. I want to climb the ancient ruins of Rome. Yes, I want to be a complete and utter tourist.

I had the best Indian onion rings today at Clay’s Indian Oven on Beverly. The eggplant bharma was exquisite. Mmmmm. I’m hungry. I guess that’s what I get for eating popsicles for dinner.

Crap, it’s past 1:00am again. I can’t ever seem to catch up on my sleep. Tonight, I will try. Good night.


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