LoveFool: The Movie (Disclaimer: The characters are fictional and not based on anyone real. Well at least not intentionally.)

This was purely an exercise. The characters and situations are fictional and any similarity to real persons is purely coincidental. Well mostly.

Movie script idea: LoveFool

CHARACTER SKETCH – ALEXANDRA, family knows her ALLIE and friends know her ALYX, is afflicted by an incurable disease characterized by hopeless romantic ideals and mysticism. Consider her your quintessential lovefool fighting a losing battle in today’s vapid world of jaded people who’ve been hurt and no longer hold the flame of hope to finding real love.

She’s undeniably quirky but lovably compassionate. Blessed with a heart of gold and cursed with the inability to lie, she’s by default genuine and honest. She’s untraditional and makes up her own rules as she goes along. “Why can’t I be Anne Hathaway after the Princess transformation?” she says. “I want to be the sophisticated, poised, polished, articulate Anne Hathaway not the loud, obnoxious, frumpy, clumsy one.”

She believes in love at first sight, which consequently makes her a chronic first-dater. If there’s no magic in the air or at least an interesting conversation there’s no need for a round two. There is no second chance to make a first impression, let alone a second date. Also, consider yourself lucky if you even get a first date. She’s really picky and dates accordingly.

She is a travel guide writer, by day, and writes about places that she’s never been to. She spends her free time jotting down scenes she hopes one day will make a very romantic romance novel.

She writes, “I looked deep into his eyes and felt the kind of comfort that knew no bounds. It calmed my restless soul. In his eyes I saw my future and I couldn’t look away. I didn’t want to look away. For the first time in my life I was not afraid of commitment. I wanted to chain myself to him and throw away the lock and key. This is unbelievable crazy talk coming from someone who thinks a magazine subscription is too big of a commitment. But, in this instance I was ready to sign up for The Book of the Month Club. Talk about commitment. This was the equivalent of a prison sentence without chance for parole. Bad analogy. This is a crazy fleeting thought to have about someone you just barely laid eyes on. And, I don’t even know his name.”

STORY LINE – She lived her entire life patiently waiting for the love of her life to show up. And every minute was worth the wait when she had finally found him. She falls hard for DREW. He’s a charming, sensitive, funny, all-around perfect guy. Their love was everything she dreamed it would be. But, eventually and unfortunately she is betrayed and cheated on by him, her prince charming who she thought was her ultimate soul mate, her completion and her life. She is devastatingly heartbroken. At first she is jilted, bitter and jaded and swears off men forever. She starts to believe that the people who ultimately win anything and everything are the people who lie, cheat, steal, and/or manipulate their way into getting what they want.

She unsuccessfully attempts to live her life as an apathetic, jaded, emotionless jerk. She can’t do it. She tries to be a proponent of casual dating but realizes that it’s not who she is. She is looking for the special someone to share her life with. She wants that connection. She realizes that she is a lifer. A lovefool. She can’t help it. She firmly believes that love does conquer all. She is a loveaholic. She is addicted to the euphoria that comes with being in love.

She realizes that she wants to get back on the horse after catching glimpses of other couples in love (couple at taco stand, couple play fighting in the car, couple behind in line at the movies) something that she had once with the love of her life. She is reminded of how good it felt to be in love. She desperately wanted that back even with all the pain and hurt that came along when she opened herself up to someone. Being vulnerable meant making a connection with someone, giving in, making sacrifices. It was all worth it.

She fumbles clumsily through the healing process. She makes a mixed CD of songs for the broken-hearted. She sings the songs out lout in the car. She fumbles around doing impulsive things to try to make the guy who broke her heart love her again. She signs up for online dating with weird and random results. Walking by her ex’s room while visiting his roommates, she sees his door slightly ajar and tries to peer in but accidentally falls over a box outside his door and gives herself away clumsily.

At first she tries desperately to win back the love of her life. She’s figured that mistakes had been made but she’s ready to forgive him and wants to start all over again because she believes that is what the real definition of love is. You learn from the mistakes, you forgive and you grow. Still the hopeless romantic she believes that love does conquer all. He tells her that he is confused and wants to find out who he is and process his thoughts before making a commitment of any sort. She believes him. So, she waits for him because she thinks that it is definitely worth the wait.

All the while she doesn’t realize all the potential men who are pining away vying for her attention, who have been holding their breaths for this chance. But she’s so focused on winning him back that she doesn’t see what’s in front of her. All this time she’s been trying to conform herself into what she thought he wanted her to be to be when there were all these people who loved her for who she already was. Someone does love her, he had always loved her and more so when she began confiding in him during the breakup. NOLAN, one of her closest guy friends has been in love with her since the day they first met. And loves her so without her having to throw herself awkwardly at him all the time. He loves her for every ounce of quirky greatness that encapsulates her. She is clueless about his love.

One night she turns on the television and sees the previews for new season of The Bachelor notices that DREW is the new bachelor. He goes on national television to have millions of woman pine over him and hundreds vying to win his heart. Confused my ass. Alyx is at first hurt and then later furious. She patiently waited for him to work things out with himself out not to go on national television on a dating game show. She confides in Nolan that in order to love again she has to get over Drew and that she was going to need his help.

She comes up with a scheme in an attempt to make Drew regret ever letting her go in the first place just to spite him but subconsciously she does still want to win him back. She tries to be what she thinks Drew finds sexy. She uses information from the show to build herself into Drew’s idea of the perfect woman. It’s awkward and hilarity ensues. Nolan tells her that she doesn’t have to do any of that because it’s her innate sense of self that already makes her sexy. But, of course her focus is on one thing only.

She had such high perfect standards for what she thought love was supposed to be. She then learns that dating and ultimate love is not about cookie cutter perfection. She learns the reality of love is about accepting each other’s flaws, growing and learning from mistakes, that it’s not picture-perfect up on some cloud in the heavens. It’s not just a destination. Love is a journey and it takes work to maintain it. It is real and raw. There are ups and there are downs. It’s about the unconditional emotional support and love you give and get. It’s about the sacrifices that don’t feel sacrificial. It’s about making each day count.

Nolan is there for her through thick and thin and holds his tongue to repress his true feelings for Alyx. He figures she won’t be happy until Drew and her are back together so he gives up his own happiness to make her happy. Just about when Alyx was ready to throw in the towel and give up, Nolan goes to see Drew and tells him all the things that Alyx has been trying to do just to win back his heart. His eyes are opened.

After realizing that Alyx was the best thing that has ever happened to him, Drew knows he’s made a mistake. Alyx made him want to be a better person. She was there to pick up the pieces when there was no one else. No one has ever done this much just to be with him before. So, he goes back to Alyx and begs for her forgiveness. She accepts and she thinks that everything has gone back to their rightful places and all will be well again. Except that she’s not happy because something is missing from the picture. Her days spent goofing around and laughing with Nolan have become less and less. Drew takes up her thoughts now. And Drew is sweet to her just like before. But, there’s no depth to it. It’s surface level sweetness. Not the real laugh out loud stuff she had with Nolan. She begins to feel conflicted. She fought so hard to get Drew back but realizes that she now might want Nolan.

Constant cognitive dissonance runs through her mind and heart. Love is not as easy as she thought it up to be. The decisions aren’t as apparent. Nothing is black and white. She loves both guys in their own separate ways. How does she choose? Who will she choose? Ultimately, it comes down to a flip of a coin or being at the right place at the right time when one word or phrase or sentence would determine the outcome.

One look, one circumstance, one moment that can change the course of a lifetime.

Who will she choose?


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