Emergency: There’s a flaming fire in my backyard!!!

Holy crap. There’s a fire blazing in Griffith Park right now, 5,000 acres have burned and from my roof I can see the flames licking over the ridge right by the Observatory. A couple blocks east of Vermont people have lost power and people have been evacuated. Los Feliz Blvd is shut down and so is Zoo Drive.

The zoo was evacuated earlier today. Does that mean the animals too? Free the animals. Let them have a chance. How frightening it must be to be captured in a cage with a fire looming overhead with no chance for escape. Strange. I sort of feel like that about life right now.

Holly is packing a suitcase just in case the fire decides to move down the hill during the night while we’re sleeping. I could be doing that too. But, I’m too lazy and don’t believe in preparedness. If I’m supposed to be engulfed in flames then destiny will make it so. Plus, I kind of like the thought of racing for my life as the smoke fills the apartment and the fire alarm sirens and sprinklers goes off.

Though, I have given some thought to what I would grab as I headed out the door as flames licked at my heels. I would just grab my Rebel, laptop, video camera, jewelry box, purse, passport, photo albums, snow globes, file box of paperwork, glasses and Morris and Charlie. Nothing else. Everything else I want to burn so that I can start from scratch in memories.


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