TRAVIS, will you marry me?

So, thanks to my wonderful music buddy, Stewart, who unsuspectingly found his way to Coachella to a Mark Ronson afterparty tonight (I hope you had fun, sweetie. Thanks again for the ticket. I had a blast. Wish you were here. Francis says they’ll be back in 2 months. We definitely have to go again.), I was graciously given his ticket to see Travis at the Henry Fonda Theatre. I, who didn’t even know they were in town because I’ve been out of the music loop and just recently getting back into it with my new music buddy, LOVE Travis. I saw them the last time they were in the LA and that was several years ago at The Wiltern. Omigod. They were fucking amazing. I had soooooo much fun.

I met Stewart’s friends outside the venue at 9:30pm. Didn’t know what they looked like except Greg described himself as tall and blonde. But, when I got there everyone else had gone inside already. So, I just started looking for anyone in a group of three and found them walking around the corner. Only when we handed the woman our tickets did we realize that Travis was already on and had been on since 9:00pm.

We rushed to the floor to find some space in the sold out room. I staked out a spot between two tall dudes and was able to see the entire stage without having to shift too much. I danced by myself like I was alone in my bedroom that is until I was joined by my “friend” in the sportscoat who knew every single word to every single song. He was a little too ADHD exuberant for me. But, I can understand his enthusiasm. He gave me props when I called Jonelle who is in the hospital to record “Closer” on her voicemail. He said he was going to do the same to his sister but was waiting for “Sing” to come on and rub it in her face that he was at a Travis concert. We bonded over our need to call people during a show to share our experience and then afterwards he kept giving me high fives and singing to me. Interesting fellow. I booked it out of there after the last song just in case if he thought we should get married after sharing a Travis moment together. Especially when I had my own plans to propose to the band in the alley way as they try to sneak out past the more enthusiastic fans who stuck around to wait for autographs and photos. No, not really. Though I have done that before…many a times with my original music buddy Angela. I miss you Angela. Travis was not as much fun without you here.

Instead, Stewart’s friends were thoughtful and walked me to my car because I was by myself and in turn I drove them back to there’s. I listened to Travis some more in the car and was still afloat on my cloud of complete giddiness when the short drive home was over. So, I had to blog about it, of course. So, here it is. Enjoy.


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