It’s My Money and I Want It Back

Amidst a sea of paperwork I sat calculating my deductions so that I could try to recoup the money the government decided to take away from me only to give back a portion of it later without having actually accrued any capital interest.

Yes. I did my own taxes using TurboTax this year and I don’t know if I did them right but I’m getting back a whopping $662.00. That was sarcasm folks. If I remember correctly the federal government decided to take away from my paychecks about $3,000 in taxes and I get only $662.00 of it back. I think I was expecting more because I was eligible for the Hope credit last year for being a student and got back like $500 just for that one credit. Sadly, I wasn’t a student this year.

There was so much paperwork for the medical deductions portion. It frightened me and gave me a huge headache. I was literally up to my eyeballs in paperwork. Well, that is if I stacked them, which I didn’t, but if I did it would have been up to my eyeballs. I had to add up prescription drug costs, doctor visits and lab work and x-rays up in different categories, which together totaled over $6,000 out of my own pockets. Sadly, the total amount wasn’t big enough to be itemized. Wish they had told me this before I added up every single prescription, doctor’s visit, lab test and procedure I had last year. See my pouty bottom-lipped sad face.

I really shouldn’t have sugar in the mornings. It makes me hyper and then I crash and pooper out before lunch time. But, today is Friday and I am thankful for that. Yay!!! The weekend is here and I’m going on a road trip to find Inspiration.

We’re doing a Santa Barbara wine country tour inspired by the movie Sideways. So, we have a map of all the movie locations and we’re going on a hunt for them. Go to Sideways Wine Tour to print out a map and follow our caravan there.

I’m also looking for Inspiration. He got loose and went for a walk, which I let him do from time to time but I think I need him back now. I have to go find him.

I haven’t seen much of Inspiration this week hence the lack of writing and missing that particular antsy feeling of not being able to sit still. I feel like I’ve given all that I did have to other people these past couple days to help inspire them about life, about decisions, about adventures. So much so, that I didn’t have much of it left for me, especially being preoccupied with taxes and numbers and uninspiring things all week. But, that’s all relative. I’m going to find me enough to last me and an entire army all week long.


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