A blog about a blog.

I was going through an old blog and found an entry from four years ago to this day. I guess I was obsessed with lists back then too. I guess I haven’t changed that much besides getting more wordy. The traits that I value are still intact. Wow. Amazing how this list is almost identical to the one I had made a couple days ago. Freaky.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Traits I Love in Other People:
1. Laughs at themselves, outloud, in front of other people.
2. Owns a pair of black Converse.
3. Thinks in rainbow (as opposed to B&W).
4. Loves to eat and has a sweet tooth.
5. Knows how to cook or bake…or understands my obsession with collecting cookbooks but not using them.
6. Tries EVERYTHING at least once.
7. Breaks the rules and invents new ones.
8. Reads the Sunday newspaper all day.
9. Makes me laugh till I snort or cry.
10. Fights for what is right but will always let me win or let me think I’ve won.
11. Questions me when I question everything.
12. Believes in conspiracy theories.
13. Still surprises me.
14. Always a kid at heart.
15. Has a great imagination.
16. Lives spontaneously with no regrets.
17. Is full of passion for something, one thing or everything.
18. Dreams in color.
19. Tells the truth even when it might hurt.
20. Lives life unafraid.


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