A split second can change a lifetime.

On my way into work this morning driving down Wilton, there was a pick-up truck parked in the right hand lane during no stopping hours. Wilton is a small residential street people starting using as a Western Ave alternative. So, it’s pretty busy and congested for a street that is all apartments and houses. I cursed the pick-up truck driver as I tried to merge into the left lane and slowly noticed the white Mercedes SUV stopped diagonally in the oncoming traffic lanes. It was blocking both lanes of traffic on the other side.

My eyes followed the natural direction to where the car was pointing and there was a woman lying crumpled half on the sidewalk, half on the street. My eyes shifted back to my lane and I saw a pair of shoes lying in the middle of the street. My brain made the connection and I started to freak out. There was a man trying to direct traffic. Another man brought a blanket out and covered her entire body. Her shoes were still in the middle of the road and she was barefoot. She could be someone’s mother, someone’s sister, someone’s wife, someone’s best friend, someone’s employee. There was a woman on the street on the other side in hysterics on her cellphone. She knows that her life is about to change in the most dramatic of ways. All because of one split second where everything could have gone a completely different way.

I was late leaving my apartment this morning. I keep wondering if I had been on time if I would have been that car who would have hit her but been able to swerve in time and change the course of everything. Life on a grand scale is bigger than our imagination. We are all merely pawns being played in this great big game called life.

I started crying for the woman on the ground. I cried for the woman who hit her. I cried for the people who stopped their day to help out a situation they unexpectedly found themselves in. I cried because life is unpredictable and can change in a millisecond of a moment. I cried because the problems I had when I woke up this morning pares in comparison. I pray for her life. I pray for the driver’s sanity. I pray for everyone.


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