1. A rebirth or revival.

My brother and I spent Saturday afternoon watching “The Devil Wears Prada”, “The Notebook” and a failed attempt of a burned version of “Pan’s Labyrinth”, which somehow ended up not recording sound. My brother, being a PA, appreciated the honest display of the glorification of indentured servitude assistants have to their bosses. He is one of them. I am one of them. And until we have our own assistants we will forever play this role of muted, subservient that unwillingly fulfills their duties angrily in hopes that one day it will no longer be like this. We shall overcome. My brother surprisingly enjoyed the movie.

During the movie, he commented on the fact that Anne Hathaway reminds him a lot of me.

“Jif, she reminds me of you,” says brother.

“Really,” says I slightly flattered.

“Yeah, before she gets transformed. Just like in Princess Diaries too,” says brother.

“Gee, Jeff, thanks for the vote of confidence,” says I. “Are you calling me unkempt, frumpy, clumsy and awkward?”

“Yeah, sort of. She means well, but she always finds herself in sticky situations. And that is so you. Loud and obnoxious and always voicing your opinion. A walking accident waiting to happen,” says brother laughing.

“Why can’t I be Anne Hathaway after the transformation?” says I. “I want to be the sophisticated, poised, polished, articulate Anne Hathaway not the loud, obnoxious, frumpy, clumsy one.”

“But that’s what makes you so lovable,” says brother.

So, after the movie I printed some photos of Anne Hathaway post-transformation from “The Devil Wears Prada”, grabbed my car keys, and drove to the salon to get a haircut. I’ve been meaning to get one anyway and now that I have some hair inspiration I impulsively went and chopped off my hair. I got the bangs, the layers framing my face and layers all around that make my head feel so much lighter. So, now I feel because I look it, the sophisticated, poised, polished, articulate Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada.

I’m wearing a Parisian-inspired outfit. Black velvet culottes gaucho pants, with a black and crème nautical striped cinched shirt under a black princess-sleeved cardigan tied with a black ribbon. I’m wearing my favorite pointy Kenneth Cole flats and lightly accessorized with a silver men’s watch that coordinates my diamond heart necklace that I never take off and threw on a brown natural stone navel-length necklace to off-set my brown granny bag. I’m so ready to move to Manhattan to take over the magazine industry.

Let’s face it, I AM Anne Hathaway’s characters BEFORE the transformations, just one big dork with impulsive tendencies who has big dreams for herself.

And I love who I am. Yes, every last ounce of undiluted dorkiness. I am who I am and I’m not changing anytime soon.

Take me as I am or leave me.


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