Minneapolis Food Tour Farewell

Last night Angela and I went to this cute little cafe called Cremo. They make their own ice-cream there. Sonny’s ice-cream. And we just happened to go on a night where we got to be in the presence of Sonny, this cute little old man who has preserved the tradition of making ice-cream the good old-fashioned way. We had delicious, organic paninis (Angela had the chicken and I had the vegetarian-portobello mushrooms and carrots tossed in a pesto) for dinner followed by a cup of Sonny’s home-made ice-cream. Angela got the raspberry chocolate chip and I had the pineapple mango basil sorbet, which sounded odd at first. But, when in Rome do what the Romans do. Mya, the girl behind the counter recommended the most popular flavors. These were two of them. Both, oh-so-good. Perfect consistency, not overwhelmingly sweet with a nice hint of basil. Perfecto. I finished mine before Angela got through half of hers. I got my appetite back in Minnesota. Yay!!!

Other eateries of interest…on our first day here our “totally gnarly surfer dude straight out of a movie” cable guy recommended Stella’s Fish Cafe in Uptown. We had deep fried pickles for the first time. They’re surprisingly pretty good. Regular dill pickles dipped in beer-batter and deep-fried to perfection and served with Ranch dressing. I also ordered the Florida Grouper Therapy Sandwich and Angela ordered the Double Cheeseburger. My sandwich was huge. The grouper was battered like fried chicken Cajun-style and deep-fried so that the fish inside was still tender yet the batter outside was perfectly crunchy. Stella’s is a huge place that’s probably hopping on weekends and evenings. We went for happy hour on a President’s Day and there were people already drinking at 3pm in the afternoon. Thanks for the recommendation, cable guy.

We also went to a Japanese restaurant that came with high recommendations from Angela’s friend who grew up here in Minnesota called Fuji-ya. We both ordered the Fuji-ya special which was way more food than even I, on a good day, could consume. But, we did some pretty good damage. Miso soup, salad, rice, pan-fried salmon, panko ebi, shrimp tempura and lots of sashimi. I couldn’t finish it all. So much food. But, really good, fresh sashimi. Really cute place on Lake St.

Tonight, we’re going to Lucia’s wine bar in Uptown before I hop on my plane back to LA. I’ve heard only good things about it and can’t wait. This trip turned into a Minneapolis food tour. I only wish that I had taken photos of these places and of our meals. Then it would have been more interesting to look at then just read about. As I wait for the maintenance guy to bring a brand new toilet to replace Angela’s cracked one, I will be having Annie’s Organic Arthur-O’s. Healthy spaghetti-O’s in the shape of Arthur the aardvark, I believe from a children’s book series. I found them in Rainbow Supermarket last night and can’t wait to have them for lunch. Yum!!!

I just wrote an entire blog about food. I should have been a food critic. Free food you get to write about. THE perfect job. I think what I’m going to start doing in my spare is start blogging with direction. Food-blogging, relationship-blogging, life-blogging. Rachel Ray meets Carrie Bradshaw meets me. Would anyone care to read?


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