I brought the sunshine with me to Minnesota!

I’m still here in Minneapolis. The days are warming up and with the warmer tempurature out comes the people. Lots of them. Yesterday, Angela and I went to Lake Calhoun to walk on the frozen lake. Something I was determined on doing since I first got here. So, we parked the car, walked out to the edge of the lake, looked for caution signs and didn’t see any and figured that since there was a family with two small children out there that we would be pretty much safe walking on the frozen water. So, we took our first steps cautiously and when we realized the water was frozen firm beneath our feet we ran like screaming children to the boat dock. I reenacted a scene from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and laid down on the lake. I then made a snow angel. I made a snowball for Brian and took a series of photos. I then ventured out further and found a darkened hole covered with a very thin layer of ice. Probably the site of attempted ice-fishing. Then Angela and I spotted a huge crack running along where it separated us from the shore. We screamed, “CRACK!!!” and ran running to shore even after I had gotten advice from Holly in a phone call to lie down and crawl back to shore if you see or hear the ice start to crack. I didn’t crawl. We ran full speed sreaming back to shore. It was quite exhilarating and probably hilarious to watch from the shore especially when you’re a native watching these two Californian retards walk on frozen water for the first time.

We then ventured to the Mall of America to do some retail therapy. I wanted to see the Underwater Aquarium. We started the trip walking through Nordstrom’s to the Heart of the Park where there is an amusement park, which is not called Camp Snoopy, Rick. There are no signs of any Snoopy characters. The mall reminded me of Bangkok, Thailand where their malls put even the Mall of America down to shame. I bet it’s the same architects and designers. There were huge similarities. I felt like I was in Thailand. We shopped a bunch. Every store that you can ever imagine is in this mall. One stop shop. I got my brother Vikings stuff which he will LOVE me forever for, some Harry and David’s Gummy Moose for Shane, the IT guy at work who told me about them but couldn’t find them anywhere, a cute grey dress and a khaki trench coat from H & M, and my Minnesota snowglobe to add to my snowglobe collection. I couldn’t find a plain Minnesota one so I had to get one from the Underwater Aquarium which is just as perfect for my collection. After shopping we bought half price tickets to the Aquarium because they were about to close and did a quick walk-through. It was quite impressive. I wanted to go back again today but I didn’t want to figure out public transportation. The underwater tank is amazing. There was a ton of sea-life that looked well taken care of. We even got to touch sting-rays and baby sharks in the touch tank. Totally worth the $8.50.

I’ve been here long enough that I’m beginning to master the freeway system. I now know that the 35W runs north and south and the 494 runs east and west. I know how to get to the airport, Mall of America and Downtown Minneapolis from Uptown. I’m beginning to think the “OU” accent is normal. We eat at local hangouts and not tourist attractions. It’s nice to break-in a new city.

It is so bright and sunny outside that I think I’ll go for a walk now. I think I’ve gotten used to this Minnesota cold. It really isn’t that bad. I hope things are great in LA. I will be back home real soon.

Missing you.


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