My mom likes to call me Miss Grace.

Because I am, well at least she seems to think, the clumsiest person in the entire world.  I took a huge spill on Saturday afternoon coming out of Porto’s in Burbank.  I rounded the corner in the parking lot slipped, because of a combination of rain and my cowboy boots, on my right foot and fell hard on my left knee.  I was carrying a box of precious Portos baked goods and desserts in my left hand and as I fell in slow-motion all I could think of was protect the Portos.  I ended scraping up my left hand badly was well.  But, the feta cheese croissants and cheese rolls were intact and amazingly so was the creme brulee.  Unfortunately for the fruit tart, the fruit went flying and the tart itself was crushed.

I screamed in pain the entire ride home.  Holly can attest to this.  Sorry Holly.  My jeans were torn up and I took a peek inside them and saw white under the gooey thick sticky dark blood.  I thought it was my bone being exposed.  So, I screamed some more.  It took a miracle to get me upstairs into my apartment but at that time I think my body was going through shock because I was shaking uncontrollably in the car prior.  It was sick looking.  Blood, dirt and a clear liquid oozed from the wound.  I tried to pour hydrogen peroxide on it but chickened out and instead drizzled it on with a cotton round.  It hurt like a mother*&%$#%.  But, damn it bubbled a lot.  Kill those germs hydro perox.

So, I could barely walk to the bathroom from the living room couch all of Saturday.  After a Felicity marathon, I went to bed and woke up a little sore Sunday and was able to walk with a limp by not putting full pressure on the knee.  I am a gimp.

I went downstairs to the chiropractor in my building this morning wanting reassurance that I didn’t seriously injure something and that I was furthering the injury by walking on it.  Because people at work were telling me about a girl who used to work here who had some sort of freak accident.  She was just walking in the kitchen at work when she fell hard on her knees.  Because of the way she landed her bones were protruding from her kneecap.  So, my coworkers found a cane for me, some said I shouldn’t have come in and then told me to try to go see the doctor downstairs to get an x-ray.

I hobbled downstairs.  He did some tests like stretching my knees different ways and then applied electrodes on my knee cap and ran electrical currents for 12 minutes.  It felt like pins and needles.  Then he iced it and gave me a lecture on what a chiropractor does because I had never been to one before.  He said that I had injured the bursae.  The little pillows in between the knee bone and lower leg bone.  It is badly bruised and a little swollen.  FYI, for any injury he says to immediately ice it to reduce the bruising and swelling.  He let me borrow this monstrous ice pack for the day.  So, I have it on my knee to reduce the swelling.

While I was letting the electrical current “take away the bad blood and let good blood flow” the Doc adjusted my spine and my neck.  After relaxing my muscles, I inhaled and exhaled and he pushed and something cracked.  It was an extremely alien feeling.  He says that someone my age should get adjusted every 3-4 weeks.  So, I’m going back in two weeks to get a massage from the massage therapist and then adjusted from the chiropractor.  My insurance covers it so I pay a $10 co-payment.  For the massage alone is sooooooooo worth it.  I get 30 visits a year.  Woohoo.

One day, I will no longer be in pain.  Physical or emotional.  I keep telling myself that.  One day I will just feel happiness and I will no longer hurt like this.  I guess it makes me appreciate the moments when I am free from pain so that I don’t take it for granted.


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