How to Get over an Ex Boyfriend Properly! – is amazing.  Who would have thought that life lessons can be learned in just several simple steps.

Getting over a boyfriend is never easy, especially if it was a serious, significant relationship. But it is always possible, if you really set your mind to it.


  1. Clear everything out of your life that reminds you of him. Pictures, songs, clothing articles, other personal items – everything must go!
  2. Commit completely to getting over him. If you allow yourself to have doubts, or be weak, it will drag on and on. Repeat over and over to yourself – I don’t need him.
  3. Get out and meet people. If possible, try to meet another special somene. Having a new man in your life is the best way to forget about someone. Not only will they keep you busy, they’ll put in your mind all the good things your ex never did, or the bad things your ex did but your new boyfriend doesn’t.
  4. Hang out with your girlfriends as much as possible. They’ll help you get through it, listen to you rant, keep your mind off things, and eat ice cream with you. Plus, you’ll remember how much you like them all, and how fun they are.
  5. Write 20 or more of your good qualities and keep reading them over and over, adding as you think of some. It’s important to remember that you are a beautiful, amazing person and you will find love again.
  6. Let time pass. The more it goes, the easier it will get. Time DOES heal all.
  7. Just remember…there’s a reason why he’s out of your life! Be free!


  • Try to avoid going to places where you and your ex used to go.
  • Avoid the songs that remind you of him.
  • Make a playlist with lots of angry songs on it – especially ones that remind you of annoying things your ex did. Whenever you feel nostalgic, listen to it!
  • Concentrate on his weaknesses, both physical and personal. If he had ugly hairy hands, imagine them daily and think about how gross they were. If he was selfish, think about it often, saying things to yourself like “Man, *so and so* was so completely selfish…what a jerk. I”m so glad I don’t have to put up with his egoistic, immature behavior anymore.” You will feel like you dated a total loser.
  • Do NOT contact him or let him contact you. You’ll just go rushing back to square one. You might ask a girlfriend to help you stop talking to him, whether by reminding you or talking to you whenever you feel tempted. You can also write out long personal journal entries or letters (that you don’t send) if you really feel like you need to get something off your mind.
  • REMEMBER : Everyone has been through this & everyone gets through it. You might think you’re alone, and it’s too hard, but it will get easier and you will be happier.
  • Expand your social network.
  • If your conversations with him have made you uncomfortable, talk on email and save the conversation. Reading over the hurtful comments he has made will help you remember why you need to get rid of this guy.

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