I have a love/hate relationship with moving.

So, here goes again for the 3rd time in just 5 years I’m packing up and moving. Albeit, this time it’s not around the world and not across the country…just a couple of miles from my current apartment. Yay, for still being in the same area code. I’m moving to a new apartment in Hollywood. This by far is the biggest move I’ve ever had to do. Since, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff within the past year I’m going to need the a Uhaul truck to move me.

I’m excited cuz I love new things. A new smell (a good one of course), new places, new experiences, new people. What I hate is the actual packing and moving. And don’t say, that of course no one likes packing and moving. Cuz, that’s not true. I know people who actually enjoy packing…as a hobby. And professionals movers do it for a living. The next time I move I’m hiring professionals.

Well, speaking of…I got to go finish packing.


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