Catch Up Letter

You ever realize that when you write a catch-up letter to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile it tends to be cordial and polite without really digging deep.  Well, I didn’t do that.  I got a myspace email from a friend from undergrad I haven’t spoken to in awhile, like years ago and this is what I wrote back.  There’s a sense of urgency and detailed immediacy nicely packaged in concision.  I kind of like it.  Catch-up writing.  Cool.       

How’s it going? It’s nice to hear from you. Really? You’re teaching in good ole BUSD. Tha’s awesome. You know, they’re responsible for the edumacation of me for 10 whole years. And I turned out a nut job. Ahahaha. Just kidding. I bet you’re a fantastic teacher. What grade are you teaching? What school are you at? Are you at Jefferson? Cuz that’s my alma mater! I was a Jefferson Jackrabbit. Is it full-time? Or are you teaching high school? Go Mayfair Monsoons. So, are you living in the area? We should get together some time.

I’m working as a receptionist/assistant at an interactive advertising agency on Wilshire by the La Brea Tar Pits in the Spelling Entertainment building. I have yet to see Tori or Aaron. Not that I want to. I took this job to get health benefits and get out of student loan debt while I worked on my novel and children’s book series. Well, that was the idea. I have to get moving on that. I was supposed to finish the novel by the end of this year. I’m excited about the children’s book series though. I need to sketch it down cuz it’s all on my head right now. I realize I don’t like being a real grown-up and that I just want to be a kid again. I hate paying rent and bills. Wah, wah, wah. I hate that I’m not suppose to complain like a kid. Oh well. I had a meddling of medical problems that have gone undiagnosed for a couple years. Right now they think I have morphea scleroderma. I’ve never even heard of it. Only 300,000 people have it in the US. I’m on medications right now, that I don’t take regularly cuz I forget and I also because I hate medication. I hate the pharmaceutical companies and their conspiracies to keep people sick.

I’m sorry for the hate rant. I don’t hate everything. I’m in fact in a happy state in my life. I finally found THE boy that makes me happy. I am happy to be alive. I am happy that you emailed me. I’m happy that you’re teaching in the Bellflower Unified School District. I am happy for watermelon season. I am happy that my 7-day detox cleansing program is over in 3 days and I can eat cheese and ice-cream again. I am happy that I can be happy.

I hope this wasn’t too much for a re-introduction. But, welcome back to my life. I missed you.

Take care,

P.S. What ever happened to our Scooter band? =-)


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