Lady Luck, where are you?

So, the spiraling staircase of bad news.  I was “laid off” two Wednesdays ago.  I was technically still a temp but I was suppose to start full-time in January when the black cloak of corporate swooped in and axed 10 people.  It was devastating.  I loved it there.  Granted it’s not what I plan on seeing myself doing for the rest of my life but it was a good place to kill some time, make ends meet and work on my writing while I find out where I’m suppose to wind up.

I feel like I did something terribly wrong in my past life.  One day I was shopping for pajamas at Ross when this random woman stops me and looks me over and and asks if I’ve ever had  my palm read.  She said she felt a strong aura from me.  She said that I was destined to be something magnificent of great fame and fortune.  But, that there’s was a darkness or a hex of some sort around me that was preventing me from reaching my full potential.  She asked if I kept having opportunities slip from my firm grip.  These opportunities should have been mine.  But, something is preventing me, stopping me from reaching my potential.  She gave me her card and said that I should come in for a cleansing.  I never did.  I’m slightly beginning to regret it.

No one is hiring at the end of the year right before the holidays.  I am going into gargantuan debt transferring credit card bills so other credit cards.  I buy my groceries with credit.  I bought Christmas presents with credit.  I am poor.  My student loans need to be paid back.  Help me.

I am going to Vegas next weekend.  Lady luck I desperately need you.

Health-wise.  I feel a lot better.  I feel more energetic, less lethargic and simply well.  Not perfect but much better.  I still haven’t been correctly diagnosed.  I just simply refuse to have a disease, that is all.

I hope 2006 is a much better year.  Happy holidays.


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