My first editorial job lead.

So, I got a call on my answering machine last Thursday about an editorial assistant position at Bon Appetit magazine. I was really excited because these jobs are hard to come by because there aren’t that many available here as there are in NYC. Anyways, I called back the guy 5 times only to get his voicemail. So, I leave messages and more and he never returns my calls. So, I’ve given up on that one. It was a nice breeze though. But, I take it as a sign.

I wish I had gone to med school. I really liked biology and I was really good at it. Finding a job would have been so much easier.

Right now, I’m working on trying to get into entertainment PR. I’ve emailed an SU alumni and she’s giving the lowdown on the biz. I don’t have any experience but I think that I can mix my two degrees and come out with skills to make it in entertainment PR.

I temped at a post-production company last week and they offered me a job there. So, I might email my resume to the VP of Operations just for the heck of it.

Help me find a job that I will like. I want to be doing something constructive and contributing to society. Blech. I hate staying home by myself. I think I will venture out.

Later, I get a call from Todd, my account executive at AppleOne. He just asked me if I was interested in a copy editor position. I was like hell yeah. Until he hesistantly coughed up that it was at Flynt Publications. It starts at $28,000. I was tempted. I told him I would think about it. I can’t work at Flynt Publications. He publishes 20 or so sex magazines. But, it’s a huge corporation and it starts high. I can’t. My morals get the best of me.


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