I want…

I’m suppose to be doing stuff for Sphere but decided that my very messy apartment needed some cleaning. So, I cleaned. I bought this really cute kelly green laptop case at Target for $7.00. It’s like a shoulder bag. My other one is too small. It just fits the laptop and not much anything else like cords and cds or notebooks. I like it. I bought a wall hook and screwed in into the wall today. I also bought a three shelf plastic organizer. I like organization. Well, I go through moods. Right now, I’m on a cleaning frenzy.

I’ve been looking for a job for the past week. I really hate this part of working. It gets really frustrating. I have to go out and take pictures for my Ikea frame this weekend. I need a family of pictures. I need a theme. I think the color blue will be my theme. A light sky blue.

It turns out that Turbotax never sent in my tax returns. Hence, I never got my refund check of $504. That’s a lot of money. So, I had to resend it two days ago. It went through successfully. Now, I just have to hope that the check going to Syracuse but being forwarded to Bellflower and forwarded again to LA gets here sometime soon. I need the money.

I need to win Mega Millions. I want to go to Thailand this Christmas. I just want a job that I will love. I want to travel. I want to swim. I have to work this Sunday promoting a video game called Strike and Retrieve. I get $200 for a day’s work. Woohoo. I think I’m going to nap now for a bit.

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