Need to finish my thesis

Update: I found a place by June 2nd, signed the lease June 3rd and moved in. I just got my couch delivered today. I almost have a full working apartment. I just need a table and some chairs and I’m good to go.

I quit Violet after one day because all they wanted was a phone bitch. I knew I wasn’t going to learn much from them so I shucked them. Now, I’m working with Sphere.

Right now I’m working on my 20-page thesis that was due June 10th. I thought it was due July 1st until my professor emailed me asking if he had my thesis. I said no, why should you. It’s not due until July 1st. Or so I thought. I have to get it done tonight and then I’ll be free to do what I want any ole time…like get a full-time job. I have a stomach ache. I just ate a lot of food. And am still munching on cherry flavored tootsie rolls. Make it stop.

It’s Charisse and Rob’s wedding Saturday and my sister’s turquoise birthday party. The birthday party is at my place. Wear turquoise. Back to writing.

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