Boredom leads to…

I was so bored today I did my my taxes and renewed my FAFSA. I also got a hold of Budget Living’s Creative Director and got that inteview out of the way for my final project in News Design. I emailed two other people for my large format digital photography story, which I am so sick of already. I don’t want to work on it anymore. Rick is out make-up shopping at Sephora with my sister. Gotta laugh at that. He’s coming home tomorrow. Yay. I miss him lots. I’m watching CNN muted. I talked to Ann Thai today and she might be moving to Michigan for B-school. Yay, for her. I apartment hunted online last night with Heather and found a really space in Culver City. I’m so excited to be moving back to Cali, where there is sun and warmth and my family and good music. I miss the music scene so much. I think I might go attempt law reading for a bit. I’m feeling ambitious.

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