Almost there…soon to be Master’s graduate

Buon giorno. I’m back from the gates of hell otherwise known as midterm week. It has been one whirlwind of a semester. And I really can’t believe it’s mid-March already. It’s my spring break this week and I’m all alone in Slocum Heigts fish-sitting Rapunzel, Suzie’s beta fish. She’s well-behaved, but not so great of a conversationalist. It’s so quiet around here that I play my music loud and it echoes for miles. And, no one is here to tell me to turn it down.

I wish I could have gone somewhere. As in somewhere warm and tropical. But, I’m strapped for cash and have tons of work to do. I can’t believe I’m almost done with school…again. I’ll have a masters of arts in journalism in seven weeks. Anyone want to hire me? Back into the swimming pool again. But, this time I have new floaties so I won’t drown. I hope.

So, we came up with a new magazine name…Tangent. I really like this one. I’m the design director and wrote five pieces for it. This is my biggest challenge. This is either going to begin a love affair with design or it’ll be the burial end. We’re having a launch party in May to showcase our first and only issue.

My law class in kicking my ass. It’s so hard to memorize all these court cases. And, I did but I barely used any of them in my argument. Sucks.

I have my first crazy subject stalker. I wrote this story for the newspaper here on large digital format photography and I interviewed this photographer for the story. He keeps insisting that “this and that” gets put into the story. I interviewed him three weeks ago and he’s still calling…my cell phone at 8 o’clock in the morning. My editor says that it’ll happen at least once if not more to all writers. Woohoo, I’m a writer.

Rick is meeting my family tonight for dinner for the first time in California…without me. Good luck, pooh bear. He’s a little nervous but I think he’ll do fine. My mom is nervous too. But, my dad is excited. Why all the nervousness? It’s as easy as being yourself. I miss my family and I miss Rick. But they’re meeting each other. Yay. I hope things go well. Now, I’m a little nervous. Yikes. The solution to everything…laughter.

I’m looking for an internship or job in magazine to finish up my last credits. If anyone hears of anything please pass it my way. I’m more interested in magazine and also dabble in design. Oh, I’m also looking for an apartment too. Do let me know if you hear of anything. Thanks.

I’m graduating on May 14th if anyone is in the area and wants to see me walk to pomp and circumstance one last time.


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