I’m a bonafide nerd who enjoys school

I walked to the bus stop in a blizzard. The snow was up to my knees and with every step I collected snow on my boots and jeans. Today was my first day of class. It was my Advanced Magazine Editing class. We are making a magazine. Today we came up with names for the magazine and I suggested QuarterLife since it will be geared towards the twenty-something. Almost everyone in the class liked it. Some people couldn’t see it. But, hello Maxim didn’t have a brand until after it was published. We also put down the job positions we want. I put down Creative Director, Features Editor, Art Director and Online Director. We’ll see what I get. I want to put more of an emphasis on the look, layout and design as well as the written product. That’s why I got into magazines and not newspapers. A new-found love affair with design. It’s what makes a magazine.

I started work yesterday hostessing and it’s a lonesome job. I rather work in the Pantry with the other people. The hostess stand is so far away from all the gossip. Hehe. But I get to cash out and that’s always fun swiping cards and counting change. I start at my internship at The Post-Standard on Thursday which means I get my first assignment. Woohoo. I get to write enterprise stories about Technology. Yippee. My law class is tomorrow and I had to buy a $96 book for the class. I’m going to hate this class.

I’m hungry. I’m going to go eat.


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