See you soon LA

I’m alone in Slocum Heights. Everyone has left for home and I’m stuck here. I’m flying tomorrow but this weekend is taking forever. Tomorrow is supposed to be 10 degrees. Glad to be flying out and going home to 75 degree weather. Don’t laugh at me if I’m wearing skirts and tank tops. Anything above 50 is now warm for me. Sick, I know. The other day I caught myself saying that it was warm outside and guess what the temp was…48 degrees. I guess I’m acclimating.

I have to brave the snow today and walk to the supermarket to buy Jana Half-Moon Cookies. These are good cookies if you’ve never had them before. Definitely worth the walk in the snow. I guess they’re an East coast thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in Cali.

I must go pack now. Angela come help me pack.


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