I miss home.

There’s a cold front coming in from the Great Lakes and it’s dropped to the 20’s here. Freaking COLD!!! I think when I go home next week for the winter break that I might not be coming back. It’s apparently in the mid-70’s right now in Cali. I’m so jealous. I can’t wait to go back. I have one more research paper to write and I’ll be officially half-way done with my master’s degree. Woohoo.

I made a new career revelation. I want to get into design. I love putting together the final product. I took a graphics class over the summer and this semester in my magazine editing class I realized that I really enjoyed using InDesign, QuarkExpress, and Illustrator. Weird. Who would have thunk? Plus, my professor made a comment to the class about how I had an eye for design. He said my layouts were dynamic. Cool, huh? Me, a designer. I’m taking a news design class next semester. I also got an internship at the copy desk at The Post-Standard.

I saw Ocean’s Twelve last night. Eh, I wasn’t impressed. I loved the first one though. We had ChrisKwanzaaKah dinner last night at my apartment. We had lasagna, garlic mashed potatoes, three different kinds of cake, cookies, greenbean casserole, garlic bread, stuffed grape leaves other stuff I can’t remember. We invited a bunch of people and then played Trivial Pursuit. Good times.

I can’t wait to eat sushi at Studio Sushi when I get back. Sumo rolls. Yum. And real Mexican food, my mom’s Thai food, In and Out grilled cheese and french fries animal style, Dim Sum, Happy Family’s House “Chicken”. My mouth is watering. I need good food. Food here sucks. I miss cultural diversity.

I miss HOME.


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